Love To Dream Nuzzlin Sleep Bag

We have made it to the middle of Spring and the weather is doing all kinds of funky things at the moment. Temperatures are fluctuating madly which  is making putting babes to bed suitably attired rather difficult.

One thing of which I have no doubt is that it’s only going to get warmer and that’s going to mean needing to keep bubs protected from mosquitos and warm enough without risking overheating. This is no mean feat in my house because I have a little wriggler that I can’t keep still, blankets are not really an option when no matter what I do he wakes at the other end of the cot. Sleeping bags are going to be my friend, and his, for the foreseeable future and for an Australian summer it needs to be light and breathable.

Love To Dream has recently launched a new range perfect for the Australian summer called Nuzzlin. It is an extra-light 0.2 Tog Sleep Bag which retains all the benefits of traditional muslin in a soft and stretchy new fabric which is more comfortable and gentle for bubs.

Nuzzlin and Snugbud_Aqua_Zoomed_Hi Res

Nuzzlin features a stretchy knitted fabric which is light and breathable, perfect for hot summer nights, and days. Other features include an extra long zip for easy nappy changes, signature zip housings to stop rubbing, and 100% cotton to ensure gentleness on sensitive young skin and super stretch for a snuggly comfy fit.

“The Nuzzlin range was born out of a desire to provide babies and toddlers with a more suitable sleep bag for day sleeps in summer and those extra warm nights,” said Hana-Lia Kruwchuk, Company Founder, Love To Dream. “It is also perfect when travelling to warm climates as the extra-light fabric folds down to next to nothing, taking up minimal space in a suitcase.”

The Nuzzlin Sleep Bag is available in Pink, White and Blue so there is something for everyone.

Nuzzlin_White_zoomed_Hi Res

Available now in three sizes: 4-12 months, 12-18 months and 18-36 months for RRP $44.95.

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