For some women falling pregnant is not something that happens easily and a helping hand is required. IVF can be a daunting and costly experience but now a new clinic called BUMP offers standard IVF for a fraction of the cost (approximately 1/3rd) for the same science and expert care.

BUMP offers a simpler way of doing things, making IVF less stressful which is a positive for everyone involved. According to the BUMP Fertility Fairy Tales Study, 88% of women were worried about IVF believing there would be significant barriers, the main being cost (this concern equated to 72% of women aged between 25-44).

You can watch this informative video #ad on BUMP IVF here:

No referral is required for the initial consultation at BUMP, making everything simple – even from that very first step of seeking advice.

With less visits required and IVF medication delivered directly to your door, this is an innovative and modern clinic which is making pregnancy much more accessible to those who are having difficulties.

BUMP is based in Mosman, Sydney and is part of the Monash IVF Group, a leading IVF provider in Australia.

For a free discussion please call (02) 9154 1100. For more information on BUMP IVF, please visit www.bumpivf.com.au

This is a sponsored post but opinions are my own.

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