As a mother of a five year old boy, I can tell you that he loves his sport…and his technology. The new LeapBand from Leapfrog is perfect for him, but would also suit those children who need a little extra encouragement to be active.

This is described as “the first wearable physical activity tracker” and it is made just for kids. It is worn as a watch, and while it does give you the time it so much more than your regular time keeper. There is a virtual pet, which they can choose (cat, dog, dragon, monkey, panda, penguin, robot or unicorn) and customize – and the more activities and challenges your child participates in (50 different options) the more points they earn for their pets with the added bonus of unlocking new ones.

The great thing about the activities is that they are fun…there is no “drop down and give me 20” they tailored to kids of all skills and abilities with options including “spin like a helicopter” and “walk like a crab”.


Everything is tracked and the battery is rechargeable via your computer. The LeapBand is water resistant and comes with a colour screen. My son loves the design and it gives him that extra motivation to be active every day, and he loves exploring the mini games that are included.

Parents can program the LeapBand so that it is awake during certain hours (for example after school and before bed), and during the sleep times it is just a regular watch.

This is something that all children would benefit from – and enjoy playing with – and comes in green or pink. This really is something that is quite unique and if you have a child between 4 to 7 years I would encourage you to check this out.

RRP $59.99 each, the LeapBand is available from all major retailers and independent toy stores across Australia.

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