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Want younger looking hands?

Skin Doctors Younger Hands is a one of a kind treatment hand cream – it reduces wrinkles and fine lines, lightens age spots and freckles, resurfaces to slough dull, dead skin away plus hydrates and softens… and proven to reduce your hand age by 10 years.

Unlike normal hand creams, designed primarily to moisturise, Skin Doctors Younger Hands contains 4 clinically proven actives for dramatic, anti ageing results. It has been specifically developed to treat the back of the hands where damage and ageing are most noticeable.

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The combination of active ingredients in Younger Hands works on the most common skin concerns, with dramatic results:

  • Skin is visibly plumper with thickness and texture returning to the levels of 10 years ago
  • Fine lines and wrinkles are dramatically reduced, with the appearance of wrinkle depth and roughness reduced by more than half in 28 days
  • Age spots and freckles are visibly lightened
  • Skin is resurfaced, unveiling a smoother, more uniform appearance

Skin Doctors Younger Hands is available in pharmacies nationally and retails for $34.95 (75ml)

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