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Washing seems to be the bane of my existence at the moment. I have a baby, two other children, a husband and a teenage stepson who joined us for a recent two week holiday. I am still battling the mountains of washing that resulted. I thought I caught up… but with a baby in modern cloth nappies that was only ever going to be shortlived.

We all know babies have sensitive skin and we want to be mindful of what we put near them. I also have a family of people prone to eczema breakouts. I am forever battling the dry skin itches with them and trying to ensure nothing I use exacerbates their issues. It took a while for me to connect my washing powder choices to their skin irritations but once I did I became more vigilant about reading the packaging and making sensitive choices.

This weeks mountain of washing has been helped along by the Euca range of laundry products. I am currently trialling the Laundry Liquid, Soaker, Laundry Powder and Fabric Conditioner so doing a little juggling to make sure I use them all – which has been easy with the load count of the last week.


My littlest man is starting to get mobile, generally by rolling his way around the place so I am just about ready to ban white clothing from his wardrobe. The Euca Laundry Soaker may make that unnecessary. This mornings white romper was decidedly grotty at the sleeve ends but a little diluted Soaker on the marks and it has come out pristine.

Sensitive skin is everywhere in our house and on returning from our holiday my son was looking decidedly rashy. Already we are starting to see improvement, alongside our normal skin regime of course. Definitely a product that is friendly to my sensitive skinned souls.

The active ingredient in this entire range is Eucalyptus Oil so it is naturally fragranced and the scent is quite subtle which is good because eucalyptus can be quite overpowering. I do love that everything smells so fresh.

Euca are 100% Australian Made and Owned, manufactured in Melbourne utilising environmentally friendly manufacturing processes which is a huge plus. Supporting Australian businesses is good for everyone – lower carbon footprints because no importing and better for our economy and home grown jobs.

The next big plus is that Euca are fabulous for sensitive skin and bronchial issues because they don’t use fillers, synthetic perfumes, SLS, Enzymes or Palm oil and the phosphate level is lower than considered environmentally responsible by Australian Standards. The Soaker is free from chlorine and all products are suitable for both front and top loaders as well as being grey water and septic safe.


If all this is not enough Euca is also great value for money, it has one of the lowest prices per load with the 1.5kg refill pack working out to just 12c per load. The lack of fillers makes the product highly concentrated. All of my products are 2Kg/L and will yield 50 top loader loads when used in the recommended quantities – even more in my front loader.

I am extremely happy with my Euca products and will definitely be heading out to get some more once these are finished.

Euca is available to purchase online from Biome as well as in selected hardware and grocery stores. For a list of retailers please head to the Euca website.

Euca Laundry Powder RRPs – $11.95 for the 2Kg or $8.90 for the 1.5kg refill.

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