Ask an Expert: Hair Washing

Washing our hair is something we do on a regular basis, but are we doing it right?

We spoke to Megan Yabsley (pictured), the Education Manager for De Lorenzo, to get the facts –

How much difference is there between products for coloured hair, dry hair etc?

Both contain more conditioning ingredients than a normal hair type shampoo however there are specific colour protection ingredients in a coloured hair product that help to prevent fade.

Does using a towel to dry damage your hair?

Only if you rub vigorously. It’s best to wrap your hair and let the water absorb into the towel. This reduces drying time too.

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How long should you shampoo your hair for and do you really need to repeat?

Always follow the manufacturer’s directions for the best results. Many hours of testing a trialling go into developing the directions to make sure you get the results you expect from the product!

Is it true you shouldn’t brush your hair when it is wet?

The hair is slightly weakened when wet therefore it isn’t advisable to be too rough when detangling. Brushes are fine for blow drying and styling the hair though.

Is it OK to use a hair mask in the shower or does hair need to be towel dried first?

It is definitely best to towel dry the hair first as the water remaining in the hair dilutes the treatment and you won’t achieve the optimum results.

What are your hair washing tips for those who have an oily scalp?

Shampoo often with a shampoo specifically for oily scalp. Excess oil on the scalp is not only unsightly but may cause irritation to the skin.

It is not true that shampooing more will create more oil! The oil glands located within the skin are influenced by our internal body systems and will produce oil no matter how often you shampoo.

How often should you wash your hair?

As required! Some people need to shampoo everyday, others can go 3-4 days. Just be sure to use a product made to address your requirements.

Does water temperature make a difference?

Yes – if you have the water too hot it will irritate your scalp. The water should just be comfortably warm. A cold water rinse does very little and if you are using the correct product for your hair type. Not necessary, unless you like it!

If your hair feels dry and fluffy after washing, what is the best thing to do to combat this?

A leave-in moisturiser in a cream, lotion or spray will protect and soften the hair making it more manageable.

What is your number one tip for getting the perfect wash?

Saturate the hair, apply a first round of shampoo and use the top of the finger to stimulate the scalp and distribute evenly. This will lift and remove excess oil, dead skin, pollution and styling product.

Rinse and repeat for a foamy final clean and follow with a conditioner massaging the scalp with the tips of the fingers.

Rinse thoroughly as if excess is left on the scalp it may cause irritation.

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