Review: The Little Alchemist Chocolate Truffle Body Butter

Finding a new skin product is always exciting, particularly one that smells like your favourite chocolate dessert. While we don’t recommend sticking a spoon into this (although we’re really quite tempted) we do think it’s a good idea to give the skin a good slathering.

Shea butter, coconut oil and argan oil are the leading moisturisers in this delicious concoction and are well praised for their abundance of vitamins and skin-loving nutrients. After a warm shower or bath, apply gently to skin and massage in.


Many people aren’t in favour of that moist feel that oils/balms can leave behind, but this little star sinks in super quick and won’t stain clothing.

If you’re concerned about ageing skin, the acai and wheatgrass extracts will put your mind to rest with their proven abilities to revitalise complexions.

RRP – $48 for 180ml

Stockists – This sweet blend and many others can be found at

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