Bakers Delight Hot Cross Buns

Easter is fast approaching and that means it is well and truly Hot Cross Bun season. We told you recently about the Bakers Delight initiative Bundraiser Day, and I will definitely be heading into my local Bakers Delight bakery to buy Hot Cross Buns for my family on April 5th.

Recently we had our first breakfast buns and it was certainly only the beginning of the Hot Cross Bun season for us. We all love Hot Cross Buns and of course we have different tastes, Bakers Delight is on top of that with 4 different varieties to choose from – Traditional, Fruitless, Chocolate Chip and Mocha. Our recent Bakers Delight breakfast consisted of Traditional and Chocolate Chip, of course we had to fight the kids to get the Chocolate Chip ones and they refused the Traditional because they don’t like sultanas.

Bakers Delight bake all their Hot Cross Buns fresh, this Easter season will see them baking over 13 million buns across the country. We love our Hot Cross Buns but I don’t think we would even put a dent in that quantity – though I’m sure there are some here that would like to try.

Served hot with butter and a cuppa these make a great breakfast, morning tea, anytime snack really. I could go one right now the more I think about it.

Easter - Choc chip

Traditional Hot Cross Buns are made with real currants, spices and sultanas – lots of sultanas. Bakers Delight bakeries across Australia will use 304 tonnes of sultanas in their Traditional Hot Cross Buns this Easter. These are quite dense but have a satisfying texture and just enough fruit. How I like my Hot Cross Buns depends on the day a lot of the time. I like them toasted, slowly heated in the oven and even sometimes buttered straight from the bag. It doesn’t matter how I eat them, Bakers Delight Traditional Hot Cross Buns are delicious. They are a great snack when you’re after a sugar hit but they aren’t too sweet.

I had cut a lot of sugar out of my diet prior to discovering I was pregnant and that meant a lot of things I had previously loved became way too sweet for my taste buds to handle. Since then a lot of sugar has crept back in, mainly in the form of chocolate, but there are still things that taste too sweet. Bakers Delight Traditional Hot Cross Buns are not one of them.

Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Buns, a sweet chocolatey treat that I had to convince my darling children to share. I must say, they were a huge hit with both my children who would have loved to go back for more but had to be satisfied with two each. Hubby and I managed to get one each and they were delicious; much sweeter than the Traditional but still not sickeningly so. I would only be able to eat one of these in a sitting but I would savour and enjoy it. The Chocolate Chip variety are lighter and fluffier than the Traditional and fabulous no matter how you choose to eat them. My favourite way is heated slowly in the oven with melted butter but I also love them toasted or straight from the packet if they are super fresh.

On Bundraiser Day we will definitely head out for Bakers Delight Buns, we just need to settle on which ones. On April 5th I would recommend you head down to your local Bakers Delight and stock up on Hot Cross Buns in the pre-Easter season, it will help hospitals across the country.

For more information and to find your local Bakers Delight head over and see them at:

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