Dreambaby Bump Belt

Riding in the car when pregnant can not only be uncomfortable but also dangerous, and not only in a serious accident. Even sudden braking and low speed impacts can propel an adult forward with great force which poses a risk to an unborn child as the seat belt can exert extreme pressure on the abdomen, and the uterus.

A firm seatbelt across the abdomen even in normal driving circumstances can be quite uncomfortable as bubs attempts to rebel against the extra constriction, and in my case to rebel against me being seated completely upright at all.

The Dreambaby Bump Belt helps eliminate these issues by positioning the seat belt across the hips instead of the abdomen. It is suitable for use from 8 weeks pregnant right through until the birth of the baby and helps reduce the risk of injury to the unborn child. The Bump Belt does not affect the structural integrity of the seat belt.

Installation is as simple as placing the seat pad of the bump belt as far back on the seat as possible and securing the strap around the back of the seat to stop it moving as you get in and out of the car.


Using the Bump Belt is equally simple. Secure the car seat belt as usual and adjust the lap section to sit under your bump, open the velcro straps on both sides and secure them over the lap belt then pull the lap belt firmly over your thighs and ensure there is no slack in the seat belt. Adjust the sash of the belt between the breasts and away from the baby bump.

This provides a comfortable ride and peace of mind. The Bump Belt is extremely easy to switch from car to car so that you can use it anytime you travel. It is effective as both driver and passenger, extremely portable and compact to store.

I was already relatively heavily pregnant when I received the Bump Belt for review so already had quite the bump to protect and I found it comfortable and easy to get the hang of. The main thing is remembering to take it out of hubby’s car so I have it when he’s at work and remembering to secure it when I get in the car.

The Bump Belt is another Dreambaby product I am happy to recommend for increased safety and peace of mind, this one to help protect your little unborn treasure. I also think it will help bubs feel a little more comfortable because I know mine is less likely to kick up a storm when I’m wearing the Bump Belt.

Retails for around $35.

For more great safety products and convenient innovations from Dreambaby head over and visit them at: www.dreambaby.com.au and on Facebook.

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