Royal Moroccan Silver Shampoo

With hair that is naturally a flat brown colour (and maybe 1 or 2 greys if I’m really honest) I have been getting blonde foils put in for quite some time. My hair likes to throw red/orange/yellow and it can be a constant battle to keep the blonde looking vibrant without the brassiness.

A toner straight after colouring works well and does last some time, but after a couple of weeks a silver shampoo can help to get it back to the salon happy shade.

Silver Shampoo 300ml

Royal Moroccan is a brand I wasn’t previously familiar with and I have recently had the opportunity to test a couple of their products, including the Silver Shampoo. This comes out purple (to counteract the orange) and when massaged into your scalp you get that clean feeling while caring for your blonde (also helps with white and grey hair types).

Yellow tones are are reduced and this helps to moisturise and protect your hair at the same time. For anyone who is facing a constant battle to keep their blonde…blonde – this is one option which will certainly help.

300mL RRP $16.95. Alcohol free

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