CLOSED: Win with The Fall on DVD


Featuring “50 Shades of Grey” star Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson in her first lead role in an investigative series since The X-Files

Having already won over UK audiences on BBC TWO and securing its spot as the biggest drama to hit the network since 2008, The Fall is set to enthral and engage audiences across Australia.

the fall

Released by SBS and Madman Entertainment in time for Christmas, The Fall is the perfect gift for men and women and can be purchased for $39.95 from ABC stores and online at

We have 5 copies to giveaway, for your chance to win tell us what is your favourite drama series of all time and why.

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55 thoughts on “CLOSED: Win with The Fall on DVD

  1. Revenge because I do like a bit of mystery, drama, crime, romance, intriguing storylines find me sitting on the edge of my seat.

  2. My favourite drama series of all time is Revenge as it always has me sitting on the edge of my seat with it’s nail biting suspense. I can always count on a shock ending to each episode which leaves me hanging out for the next episode the following week!

  3. Crime is my genre and Wire in the Blood a favourite as I love the psychological side of it as well as the suspense and forensic areas. If I was young again and just finishing school I would love to study forensics.

  4. Im a big fan of the old Sex and the City, if you could call that a drama, it had all the ups and downs of life and both lovable and cringe worthy moments

  5. FAMILY – Years ago when I was a teen learning about how a real family was supposed to thrive was my lifesaver

  6. I love The Real Housewives of New Jersey,everyone is so beautiful but their dramas are so over the top it makes me feel so normal.

  7. I watch hours of television, choosing just one favourite is really difficult. Revenge and Homeland are definitely in my top maybe seven, but I think kt would have to be either A Place To Call Home, Downton Abbey, or Brideshead Revisited. Oh just writing down a few, I’m remembering more and more. Love Call The Midwives as well, just too hard to choose just one.

  8. The Wire will forever be my favourite drama series. It had thrilling storylines, interesting characters and was just generally very intelligent. It was less like a television show and more like an amazing miniseries. One of the most under-rated dramas of all time.

  9. I really love ‘A Place to Call Home’. Set in the early 1950s rural Australia, it beautifully captures the elegance of the era and also the courage and independence of women that emerged during WW2.

  10. DEXTER, such a loveable villain. I was seriously addicted to this series, shame all good things must come to an end.

  11. MEDIUM had me spellbound and asking for more… every single episode, even the re-runs! The crime cases are fascinating and Patricia Arquette playing physic Allison DeBois is superb, in fact the entire cast are brilliant. Well worth a watch and be prepared to get totally and utterly absorbed in all 7 series.

  12. Revenge lot of drama , mystery, thriller and love story , believable characters that are incredibly attractive, great story can be happy, serious, dark, humorous elements, twisted, tense. Excited to see how the story plays out and the impediments that the main character will have to face in carrying out her revenge.

  13. Criminal Minds! It has you hooked from beginning to end, and it’s so exciting trying to work out what’s going to happen next!

  14. Oh, hands down it would have to be the British crime drama “A Touch of Frost”, starring David Jason. I absolutely adore his wickedly cheeky smile when he gets one up on Inspector Mullet (and how could you take someone seriously with a name like “Mullet”?). Poor Jack Frost, with his scruffy appearance, his home and love-life in total disarray, and his long-suffering side-kick George trying to make sense of Jack’s total disorganization. It all combines to make DI Frost a champion for moral justice and the underdog, while injecting a wee bit of humour into the serious business of crime fighting.

  15. Breaking Bad. I’m so disappointed it’s finished. I thought the screen writers were brilliant in coming up with the storylines. It was a little violent at time but I just covered my eyes. 🙂

  16. Tony Abbott needs guidance from Aaron Sorkin on how to make politics interesting. ‘The West Wing’ is intriguing, clever television with characters that ripple with complexity. Every episode had drama and tension wrapped with humour. I so miss it.

  17. My favourite drama series of all time is Dexter, it has such a unique plot and it keeps me on the edge of my seat all the way through, there is never a dull moment.

  18. My fave drama series of all time would have to be Game of Thrones, I just get so drawn into the story and the characters and there is always crazy plot twists that I didn’t see coming, it is very addictive!

  19. I have too many
    – The Good Wife
    – Hunted
    – Waking the Dead
    – Homeland
    – Once Upon A Time
    – The Blacklist
    – Hostages
    – American Horror Story
    – A Place to Call Home
    – Beauty & the Beast

  20. E.R. was a definite favourite for many years. Plus it introduced us to some great Hollywood hotties in George Clooney, Noah Wyle and Goran Visnjic.

  21. I was shattered when The Bill finished. It was an integral part of my week. Such great characters & terrific acting.

  22. Grey’s Anatomy. The characters have survive gun massacres, plane crashes, car crashes, death by electrocution, brain surgery, birth, deaths and marriages and it keeps getting better.

  23. The West Wing. It captures the power and the passion of politics, whilst examining what it does to those involved in it.

  24. Believe it or not, Under the Dome. It left us with a Cliff Hanger. Can’t wait for it to start again, I need to see what happens next.

  25. Mad Men. I am so completely hooked! The drama, sassy dialogue, the wardrobes and the oh-so-cool men make the show incredible.

  26. i think Revenge it is after all something most have thought how we may like to do it to someone but this shows takes it to the extreme and keeps me guessing

  27. I love to watch all sorts of crime dramas like Criminal Minds, CSI, NCIS, Without a Trace, The Mentalist; you name it. I love to solve crimes before they actually show the culprit.

  28. X-files….we were able to convince our parents it was uni related…we had to “debunk” the science of it.

  29. Yes I must admit it, I was an avid ‘LOST’ fan. From the first dramatic plane crash episode to the last unfathomable end. I knew it was so far fetched but hey it just kept me going back for more romance, drama, scary death scenes and of course Matthew Fox was the best eye candy. Being set on a tropical island and being forced to disrobe with minimal clothing, I couldn’t help but appreciate those 6 pack abs.

  30. Grey’s Anatomy has always been my favourite, the cast play their parts so well and they bring in humour even though majority of the filming is in a hospital.

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