CLOSED: Win with Belkin

The stylish Belkin Quilted Cover with Stand offers secure protection for your iPad mini while adding a range of versatile options Watch video, read, or work on the iPad mini comfortably with the multiple viewing angles offered by the cover’s adjustable stand.

A magnet closure keeps the cover out of the way when you’re using your iPad mini, while a soft inner liner and protective corners help safeguard the iPad mini against scratches and damage.


With its low-profile frame, the Quilted Cover with Stand offers an ideal way to protect your iPad mini wherever go.

We have 3 Belkin Quilted Covers in red to give away valued at $49.95 each. For your chance to win one tell us in the comments section below about the clumsiest thing you have ever done!

Competition closes 10/12/13 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner

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– Competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.
– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
– One entry per person
– Competition open to Australian residents only
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– We reserve the right to make changes to the prize and competition if required.
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97 thoughts on “CLOSED: Win with Belkin

  1. I tripped over while carrying my newborn daughter in a front sling, badly sprained my wrist trying to stop my fall.

  2. I was a waitress and I was serving a full glass of drinks to a wedding table when I tripped and poured every drink onto this one guy I was horrified and he was so sweet and felt so bad for me he asked me out 🙂

  3. I ran into a squeaky clean glass door in a shopping centre trying to admire a display of purses and there was a bang ,my forehead spun andI was embarrassed at my clumsiness!

  4. It’s so embarrassing! The clumsiest thing I have ever done was when I was walking off the Rotnest ferry gangplank, I slipped and ended up sliding down it on my bottom, I ended up laughing it off… But my hubby wanted to disown me! I had a bruised ego and a sore bottom.

  5. I wore high heels I had never worn before to my Husbands Xmas party and fell over on the dance floor and flashed everyone my knickers ,totally embarrassing!

  6. hahaha….i’ve had quite a few…
    but the most recent was falling down my stairs and knocking myself out….yes, ended up with concussion and lots of scratches and scraps from the brick wall on the way down…..but, nothing broken…Yippy!! lol

  7. I was having an argument with my Mum in the kitchen and opened the microwave door to put something in. In the middle of getting angry and turning to storm off and I forgot about the open microwave door. I ended up flat on my butt with a sore face and crying with laughter Mother.

  8. I was happily ironing in front of the TV, spraying starch and getting that crisp look we all want. I placed my last shirt on a coathanger and started walking to the bedroom but slipped across the floorboards on the starch, it was like I was skidding on ice. I broke my elbow without the shirts ever touching the ground. I told everyone at work I fell off a skateboard!

  9. Trying to get the attention of my crush at the cafe he works at he served me which was fine up until my open bag tipped over on the counter with brightly coloured wrapped tampons rolling across the counter towards him.

  10. Saying goodbye to my host family in Japan I was walking down their staircase with my backpack on, when I turned to wave I knocked a huge mirror off their wall and it smashed into a thousand pieces. Hazukashii!

  11. For some reason, I always give my flybuys card to the cashier as my credit card and they keep telling me you cant get cash out with that…LOL

  12. My daughter brought me her new paint pens as she couldn’t get the paint to flow through. I squeezed the tube, nothing. I twisted the paint brush end off and no I couldn’t see any plug on the end of the tube. Screwed it back on and squeezed some more. After an almighty squeeze, the paint brush end flew off and green paint erupted like a volcano. Straight up, hitting the ceiling and showering down on me and the dining table like falling fireworks. I squealed, and the rest of the family came running. All I could do was laugh.

  13. I`m queen of clumsy! I tripped over the cat`s scratching post,as it`s got a wide base, as I was walking to the outside deck with my freshly cooked hot roast chicken, family watching and waiting for their lunch. The chook and I got airborn and we both took a greasy tumble,with many unimpressed eyes upon us!

  14. I have a bad habit of dropping my keys all over the place – down a storm water drain was the absolute worst.

  15. Tripped over a tiny, flat crack in the concrete. Made a right spectacle of myself in front of everyone at my nephews Christening, because I dropped the plate of food I was supposed to be offering to guests, not flinging it at them.

  16. I’m having a bad run with phones at the moment. I dropped one on concrete, smashing the poor thing. Another went through the washing machine (hint: leaving it in rice to absorb all the moisture doesn’t work). My third got tongued by a cow (cows have mighty strong tongues!) then stepped on by the beast when the phone was found unpalatable.

  17. Trying to look ‘hot’ back in my younger – partying days….wearing gorgeous dress, had a few drinks, got up to dance and slipped A over T, landing with my dress up over my head and not in a very lady-like pose….embarrassing doesn’t even describe the situation….

  18. Whilst my husband and I were in Phuket this year, we were on a speedboat day trip, getting dropped off at various beaches. The idea was to jump from the back of the boat on to the beach. Unfortunately my foot got stuck, and I ended up in the water. Luckily one of the guys helped me up, before I was hit by the back of the boat.

  19. A friend handed me a Christmas present and as she did, it slipped from my grasp and fell with a crash. It had been a beautiful ornament – now broken sadly! 🙁

  20. On my way out in the car one evening unbeknown to me I accidentally used my black eyeliner as lip liner and didn’t realise until I used the ladies one hour into the event, completely explained all the odd faces I was getting! :/

  21. I took out the entire shelf of accessories in a Rockmans store unawares with my pram and left behind a mile-high pile of tangled earrings, belts, chains and hair bits and pieces! I backed out of there faster than the staff who figure out which idiot had caused such chaos!!

  22. I had 6 toes straightened and on returning home the next day my grandson stood on them. OUCH, OUCH, OUCH another trip to hospital.

  23. As I was lighting the candles on the table for our Christmas Lunch, I bumped one, knocking it over. The flame caught some decorations alight, then the table cloth! My husband ran in, grabbed the champagne in the wine cooler and tipped it over the flame saving the day!

  24. I am vertically and horizontally challenged! That is, I am short and wide! This makes shopping anywhere there are shelves with products high up an even bigger challenge! Usually I can find a tall person to help me retrieve a product I am after on a top shelf but on this occasion I seemed to be the only one in the supermarket.
    Looking up at the tin of champignons I needed for my stir fry I asked myself if I really needed them. The answer was yes! A quick look around and still no sign of a tall person so I proceeded to scale the shelf. With one hand on a higher shelf I stood on the bottom shelf and tried to reach but the damn champignons were not at the front and I still couldn’t reach far enough back. Two feet on the bottom shelf and “bang, crash, opera” the bottom shelf slammed to the ground. As I tried to keep grasp of the top shelf it slammed to the floor along with a mountains of cans that somehow avoided my feet!
    To my embarrassment a store worker came round the corner of the isle to see what the noise was and was concerned I was OK. I felt my face go bright red as I pulled a can of champignons from the wreckage and screamed, “Got them! You know you really should employ a “tall dude” for this sort of stuff” as I picked myself up and made a scurry to the checkout!

  25. The worst ever fall wearing a mini skirt & a false hair piece I walked into a glass window & fell over the hair fell off & I flashed my knickers I was HORRIFIED .This was years ago thank goodness.

  26. The Dr said I needed to get fit and to start walking. That weekend, I looked at the chair full of ironing and thought Nah! Time for a walk. I got as far as the corner and fell and broke my leg. My daughter went and got the vet from next door to attend to me. And the ironing, well my Husband had a chair set up at the ironing board ready for me to get on with it. He doesn’t iron. Apparently he did enough of it in the army. He’d been out 25 years at that time.

  27. I went through not one but TWO phones in a week! The first one kissed the bathroom tiles & shattered…the second one jumped into my sons bubblebath!

  28. Years ago I managed to lock my keys in the car but the worse thing was also locking the spare keys in there too

  29. I almost burnt down my best friends, dads house attempting to cook frozen hamburgers.
    Fire brigade we almost called, monitored alarms going off, house full of smoke
    I learnt that day you dont put out an oil fire with water

  30. The silliest thing I have done was when i was checking on our fish pond in the front corner of the garden and I had leather pants on and I tripped as i lent and fell in and the pond is 4 ft deep and I had so much trouble getting my leather pants off … It was like peeling off a second skin.. I was so worried also incase anyone else saw me

  31. I was pushing my broken down car into a service station and it started to get away from me. I only just made it in the driver’s seat in time – it frightens me how close I came to smashing into the service station shop!

  32. During physical education class in high school, I slipped on the dewy grass and ended up in the splits! Nobody even noticed so I just picked myself up and carried on…

  33. I fell over in a hospital car park, the security guard said he heard me scream as I was falling down, I don’t remember that?, anyway being in a hospital I was well looked after even though I couldn’t look the security guard in the face again.

  34. The clumsiest thing I have ever done is pouring hot water when I was sterilizing baby bottles onto myself. I had to stand under the cold water shower for so long. In the middle of winter.

  35. I slipped outside a shopping centre while carrying an umbrella in the rain. Somehow I did the splits ( have never been able to, not very flexible!) and landed on the umbrella bending it out of shape… and yes people were watching!

  36. Friends birthday purchased ipod, splurging smartphone for myself. To my horror, she opens box…accidentally gave her smartphone….No heart to take away her excitement.

  37. Knocking over an entire confectionary display in front of my school crush when I was working at age 14. Was so embarrassing having to get down on my hands and knees picking up all of the lollipops scattered all over the place. I guess that’s what happens when you are an awkward teenage girl distracted by spunky boys.

  38. Laying in bed reading a book on my iPad Mini, must have feel asleep, had a rude awakening of being hit in the face/ iPad slapped!

  39. Im not called butter fingers for no reason, i have to drop everything i hold at least once! It can bring about a lot of frustration!

  40. I was carrying out the turkey for our Christmas dinner and I slipped over and the turkey went flying! But, naturally, I reached wildly to grab something and pull myself up. My hands had no trouble finding the table cloth and pulling it and the Christmas ornaments all over me. One of the candles fell over and set the table cloth on fire and we had to get a fire extinguisher! After some crying, we went out and got pizza instead!

  41. On a wet Melbourne day I got out of my friends car only to my foot caught and I fell in a massive puddle with my suit right outside my work.

  42. On my wedding night, I tripped on my dress and spilled red wine all over my husband in front of 200 guests. His shirt still has the stains!

  43. Fell asleep about 2am while trying to put my boy to sleep.I heard a bang which woke me up and my boy was on the floor fast asleep.What a hell of a shock,my boy was fine thank god.

  44. Having to use the toilet after putting petrol in the car, i went inside and collected the key. Having used the toilet I waltzed back into the servo to hand back the key whilst noticing my husband waving to me from the car. I just thought he was being funny. I proceeded to hand the key in to the attendant who was laughing hysterically. As I got back to the car my husband told me to look behind me. At that moment I realised that I had caught a 5 meter train of toilet paper in the back of my pants!

  45. When I walked into my coffee table for no reason and broke my little toe. It was bent at a very unusual angle and I had to pull it straight. It throbbed for weeks.

  46. Walking on the footpath in my heels stumbling to the ground, my phone , keys and everything else in my handbag fell out, dress hitched up and I was trying to get up and fell down again.

  47. Accidently dropped my daughters Ipad mini, chipped the corner and cracked the screen. S O R R Y ! That’s why i need one of these Belkin quilted covers for her.

  48. Like to buy and ipad for Xmas which would be really helpful for uni, love the style of this red quilted cover very stylish.

  49. I dropped a very sharp knife while kids were in the kitchen so I put my foot out to stop it, it stopped alright and bare feet meant I got stabbed and needed stitches.

  50. I got down on my knee in a bookshop to look at the bottom shelf, getting up I hung onto the shelf, and bought the shelf down with all the books. I guess I am a bit heavy.

  51. Forgetting that i had an early morning conference call still active and with my phone ear peice in, i proceeded to get ready and straighten my hair before leaving the house. Got the cords tangled and ended up singeing my hair in an attempt to save the phone from burning.

  52. The clumsiest thing I’ve ever done is fall in the fountain at a friend’s wedding. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I wasn’t holding my friend’s baby. More like a baptism than a wedding LOL!

  53. i actually have the same name as the inventor of the bandaid Earl Dicksons wife Josephine Dickson (invented for her as she would always cut herslf while cooking dinner..) and im as clumsy as her! lol. when i was doing my nursery apprenticeship i used to cut my fingers with the secateurs a lot while propagating cuttings. luckily i didnt need stitches any of those times. i also drop things a fair bit, the priciest mistake my mobile! 🙁

  54. Painfully entered a doctor’s surgery and explained spraining my ankles tripping over a cat that was sleeping on a similarly coloured floor rug.

  55. It was not a good start to the day when two hard boiled eggs rolled out of my handbag onto my lap on the train.

  56. Undoing my belt while balancing my handbag on one knee in a public toilet, I heard the clunk of my belt dropping into the toilet!

  57. I’m not really one of them girls that spends time on doing my hair. A mum pony tail is all I have time for majority of the time.

    I had a wedding to attend and thought I would get all girly and straighten my hair. I thought to myself oh my fridge could do with a straighten also.

    Went to use the straightener and whacked it on my forehead instead. Half an hour before the wedding. I attended the wedding with a big red burn mark on my forehead. Not the girly hair do I going for.

  58. Slipping over at a friend’s Deb ball,
    No one would have noticed my fall,
    If I didn’t let out a squeal,
    Because it was a big deal,
    Luckily my partner answered my call.

  59. The clumsiest thing I have ever done was when I tripped down the stairs in the foyer at my work. Of course it was just my luck that the foyer was full of people at the time and as my heels hit the ground it made a really loud noise and everyone turned to look at me! I have never been so embarassed in my life. Luckily I can laugh about it now though.

  60. I was taking a tray with filled coffee cups, sugar, milk and a plate of biscuits over to the kitchen table when i tripped. Not a pretty sight.

  61. I was trying to be a good Samaritan. I took my mother shopping. Got her an electric scooter. For the trip back to the car, I got a wheelchair for her. All good. Alas, there was a hump in the car park. Clumsy me decided a fast run-up would be the way to get over this. Fast, fast, and tip my mother out of the chair. It took two rather angry drivers to help me get my upset and bruised mother back in the chair and then into the car. I did buy Mum flowers afterwards.

  62. The clumsiest thing I have ever done was when I managed to fall up the stairs and trust me when I say it was not graceful at all. I didn’t even know that was possible to fall up the stairs but there you go, I have done it!

  63. I was working as a teacher aide, and sitting on the floor with a group of Grade 7 kids while we took turns reading aloud. When class was finished, I stood up, caught my heel in the hem of my elasticised skirt, and flashed my underwear at the entire class. And did I mention that I’m a size 16? Poor kids will be scarred for life!

  64. I was invited by my boss for lunch. Went to the bathroom before leaving the office and had my coat on. I was wearing a skirt on that day. As we were about to sit at the Japanese restaurant, the waitress helped me remove my coat and she looked at me funny but didn’t say anything. I went to smooth my skirt before sitting down and realised it was stuck in my tights giving everyone behind me a nice view of my blue G-String… Free entertainment for the table of guys behind!

  65. I was standing on my bed rail trying to reach the light globe and slipped off getting my pants caught on the bed rail knob. This resulted with me not being able to get my foot on the ground first and me landing on my back.

  66. I once was walking and texting, then my phone slipped from my fingers only to drop right on my Big toe, then slide right into an open, shallow drain in front of heaps of other Mums! Lucky it was at my Daughters School, and the Grounds-keeper was there to help me get my mobile back! That will teach me never to walk and text again!

  67. Tripped over on stage when getting my “dux of school” award….and then not thinking of a snappy retort….hard to do with a nose bleed

  68. The house was getting new rooms on them and I was holding my baby niece and decided to walk on the beams, I slipped and fell but luckily kept the baby from being hurt, only me.

  69. I dropped a full jar on minced garlic on the tiles, such a pain to clean up and now a year later, I can still sell garlic on a warm day!

  70. At work, I smashed my cup against a wall whilst walking to the kitchen. Somehow I didn’t notice that the wall was indented.

  71. Whilst backpacking through Mexico with my teenage daughter 3 times in one day I lost our long distance bus tickets. They were thrown in the bin; dropped in a toilet and lost in the street.

  72. I am the clumsiest person on earth. If there is a wall to run into, crack to get my heel stuck in or low lying branch to coat hanger myself on, I will. About 12 years ago I put my hand up to lean on what I thought was a regular door. I hadn’t noticed that it had an old stained glass panel where I put my hand. Because it was extremely old and brittle my hand went straight through and I almost cut my arm off. If it wasn’t for my arm bones preventing it cutting right through. I was told because of the severity of the cut that I would never use my arm again. But here I am typing (very slowly) with 2 hands. I live to trip another day. 🙂

  73. I once dropped my house keys and down it fell into that 2cm gap of where the elevator door is, down it went into the lift tunnel.

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