CLOSED: Win a $100 Westfield Gift Card #HAPPYGIVING


The joy of Christmas is in giving and Westfield wants to celebrate the thoughtfulness behind every act of giving this festive season with #HAPPYGIVING.

To celebrate, we want you to tell us how you’ll be sharing the gift of giving this Christmas for your chance to win a $100 Westfield’s gift card.


To get some inspiration, meet the man that was born to give and watch his story here:

To win, tell us below in 25 words or less how you would share #HAPPYGIVING this Christmas if you win the prize.

Competition closes 16/12/13 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner

Terms and conditions

– All decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
– Competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.
– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
– One entry per person
– Competition open to Australian residents only
– Entries are only valid if all required fields have been entered. No responsibility accepted for lost, late or misdirected entries.
– All entries become the property of Beauty and Lace. Your details will not be given or sold to any third parties unless required for claiming of the prize.
– We reserve the right to make changes to the prize and competition if required.
– Winners will be notified by email

177 thoughts on “CLOSED: Win a $100 Westfield Gift Card #HAPPYGIVING

  1. I would give this to my son and daughter in law to spend on my grandaughter and new baby due January for a Christmas Present.

  2. Straight to Westfield Warrawong
    An extra Christmas treat for Mum
    Another gift also for “The Giving Tree”
    #HAPPYGIVING you can’t go wrong

  3. I want my children to learn to give, by giving to the Kmart Wishing tree, World Vision and also a friend who is struggling!

  4. I’d give the gift card to Paws For Thought Rescue in Sydney, so they could buy food and treats for their elderly rescue dogs.

  5. My sister and I don’t buy Christmas presents for each other, instead we buy a boy and a girl gift to put under the KMart Wishing Tree.

  6. As I don’t have any grandchildren, I’d love to be able to buy a few extra gifts for the wishing tree for children that don’t get to celebrate Christmas and enjoy the excitement of Santa coming. Then I would buy a book that my new hubby has his eye on. If any left, I also have my eye on a book.

  7. I would love to be able to contribute a little more towards our family Christmas dinner this year as I’m a giver by nature but find it hard to do so on such a tight budget.

  8. Love giving Random Acts of kindness to people in need. Brighten up their Christmas, joy, a smile on their faces, be #HAPPYGIVING to me.

  9. There are so many fire victims in the Blue Mountains who weren’t even left with a hairbrush or shoes on their feet. $100 would go on along way to buy what we deem immaterial goods, but they would regard as necessities.

  10. (SORRY – 25 WDS OR LESS)

    Countless fire victims in the Blue Mountains without even a hairbrush or shoes. $100 would buy them necessity goods that we take for granted.

  11. I’d love to give something special to my mum and dad we’re heading to their place, 2nd Christmas in 20 years lets make it special

  12. Retired! Little cash to spare!
    But we make phone calls here and there
    Cheering friends! Chatty news to tell!
    Hospital visits to those not well.

  13. A lavish seafood feast for all the family on Christmas day (& we’ve got the BEST fish shop at our local Westfield which will make it all the more better).

  14. I’d buy all the Kris Kringle presents, so no one else would have to! It’d be fun buying them all, and an absolute surprise for all my family. We have a $10 limit, so the voucher will go a long way!!!!

  15. I’d buy my parents a wonderful present because they’re always giving gifts to our kids yet never spend any money on themselves!

  16. I will buy some gifts to put under the Charity Christmas Tree for those that dont get anything at Christmas time

  17. Love to put more gifts under the KMart wishing tree this year, things have been a bit tight but want to give a child that smile at christmas time.

  18. I’m not going to lie, I’m going my 2 year old nephew a whole hoard of loud, messy, time consuming toys because I’m the ‘fun Aunty’!

  19. I will get my licence and return all the lifts people have given me in the past, especially since i don’t drink and it’s the silly festive season!

  20. I would use the voucher to purchase toys and clothes and then donate them under the store wishing trees to give to those less fortunate kids out there, would love to see them also have a happy Christmas.

  21. I would buy a gift for under the Gift Giving tree at Kmart. Knowing I have brought a little bit of joy to someone less fortunate.

  22. I would buy a gift for my children to help brighten their day, and a Kmart Wishing Tree gift – as this is a yearly tradition.

  23. I woud buy pampering beauty products that has “Gift with Purchase”. That way I could keep a little thing (or two) for me while giving the rest away to my mum, sister & cousins. Happy relatives & happy me.

  24. I have made a donation to one of my favourite charities (Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation) and got some of their orange ribbons so for a few friends and family I am putting together a pack about the charity and enclosing a ribbon to let them know that I have made the donation in lieu of a gift.

    1. I made a donation to Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation & put together an info pack about ACCF for friends & let them know what I’d done.

  25. I am a mother of four and a grand mother of 8 we spend Christmas day at my place with a Christmas lunch.Presents for all and food becomes very costly so a voucher will help so much and also my mum will be coming as dad has passed away and we need to help her have a Merry Christmas without him.

  26. I’ll be given back to community charity and to women dv center that have helped me out in my time of need and hardships I have faced,and they helped me and my child out so much its time to give back….

  27. After the year that’s been, I’d invite everyone who has helped me this year for a big Aussie bbq, there are still people out there that are selfless and I’m fortunate enough to know a few, so thanks!


  29. This year I have been on pinterest (yes! additcted) – and getting lots of ideas for homemade hampers and goodies to celebrate Christmas and the gift of giving – just to add that special personal touch !!!

  30. I’d buy a hundred $1 scratchies and stick them up at petrol pumps, baby change stations, food courts. Tiny sparks of hope.

  31. Put on a big feast of food for my friends who are coming from Sydney to spend Christmas with my family. They haven’t been blessed with children so want the joy of watching my 3 kids happy faces as they open there pressies.

  32. I would definitely buy the kids some Skylander toys to make them smile! Their grandmas both aren’t well so they need a happy day!

  33. I’d buy some twinkling Christmas lights for our house to share in the magic of Christmas & put a little sparkle in everyone’s hearts!

  34. Broke my leg last christmas and didnt buy my niece the twin monster high dolls she had asked me for!!! They are one hundred dollars for the two so if I won this she might finally stop nagging me!! lol

  35. I would buy my partner of 22 years a gift ! first year i have no cash to get a gift as a new Grandma of this year I’ve spent all my money on airfares (Daughter lives interstate ) & my precious Granddaughter.

  36. I’d spoil my wife with a Red Balloon massage experience as she’s never had a massage and at the wonderful age of 52 it’s time that she was spoiled and had one. I love her.

  37. After having a financially difficcult year – I lost my job I had to get assistance from the Salvation Army so I could eat and get assistance with utilities. I would buy gifts with the voucher to put under the Salvation Army Christmas tree.It’s the very least I could do.

  38. I would hold onto it for a month or two, then when the Christmas Cheer has worn off and everyone goes back to normal, I would invite my family around for a ‘Thanks for being you’ dinner. Christmas shouldnt be the only time we give thanks!

  39. I’d use the Westfield Gift Card in the January Sales, towards birthday presents for my 13 grandkids. I must plan ahead to make money stretch.

  40. My son starts school next year, I’d buy him school shoes, socks, pens, erasers, gluesticks, pencil case, whiteboard markers etc, for his Christmas stocking.

  41. If I win, I’d spread #happygiving by buying groceries and donating it to the home for disabled children across the street from where I live.

  42. #HAPPYWINNING = #HAPPYCRACKERS. I’de look for the best Christmas crackers, ones with quality prizes inside so everyone gets a little something!

  43. I’d use the voucher to spend quality time with my recently deserted friend while we shop for gifts for Christmas gifts for her Autistic son.

  44. Ever since the birth of our son, we have decided that we will donate toys every Christmas. We have so far wrapped up ~15 toys.

  45. thanks for the chance i would spend all on my Autistic toddler who had really bad run last 6 months, 5 hospital stays and 3 operations, poor darling deserves to be spoilt for a change

  46. Depends on the situation at the time, this voucher will be used for the most worthy thing at the time, whether it be for food, charity or gifts.

  47. W_ World of choice at Westfield!
    E_ Everything available!
    S_ So hard to choose, I’d
    T_ Try to
    F_ Find
    I_ Interesting things
    E_ Everyone will
    L_ Love to share, like
    D_ Delicious food

  48. This wonderful gift would be for my cat, Moonpie; This loving cat deserves to be spoiled on Christmas just like everyone else does!

  49. I’ll take all of my beautiful friends out to coffee at Westfield because to me it is togetherness that makes for the best Christmas!

  50. I would love to use this money to buy some small gifts for the staff at the Bupa Woodend Aged Care Facility where my Dad is now a resident and I would love to show them a gesture of Thanks to them, for what they are doing for my Dad

  51. Id buy a mixture of fruit,desserts and sweet treats for the whole family to enjoy on Christmas day! Whats Christmas without a little spoiling 😉

  52. Every year at Christmas I wish I had more money to spend on my generous family. They deserve it for the support they have given me throughout the past year.

  53. I’d buy sausages, bread and tomato sauce and hold a free sausage sizzle in the local park, spreading happiness and Christmas cheer to all!

  54. My always inspirational Mother, I adore her beloved hugs so warm. Her magic feminine touch enlightens us all, give her a massage and coffee gift

  55. I’d love to give the voucher to my interstate daughter so she could buy something nice for Christmas for my grand sons on my behalf

  56. I would spend it on my Beautiful and Strong 2 year old son who spent last Christmas day having surgery in the Royal Childrens hospital.
    I really want to make this Christmas as special as possible for such a Brave little boy who lights up my life every single day.

  57. I’m teaching my 4 year old its better to give than receive, so I would love to buy presents for the Kmart wishing tree.

  58. Since my family are feuding, the best thing to do is volunteer at a women’s shelter, so that those women and their children can have a great day together…

  59. I have fun buying presents for all the staff in the office from the chocolate that we have accumulated over the year.

  60. I would share it with 3 single elderly ladies I know so they could buy a treat for Xmas who normally couldn’t afford to.

  61. I make gift boxes for Samaritans and I would use the voucher for some of the things I need for these.

    Samaritans are Multi-denomination charity that sends shoebox sized gift boxes to children in need all over the world in December. They ask that no religious material be placed in the boxes and that all new c items be used. You include clothes, undies, socks, pencils, sharpener, exercise books, something to cuddle and so the list of needs goes on. I wish you could use a gum boot box.

  62. I would give it to my son and daughter in law as a gift so that they could treat themselves something special

  63. I’d give this voucher to my Mum. She’s letting me stay at her home after my house is sold. I’d love to thank her.

  64. I will purchase Festive Food and Drinks for my young family who are about to move into a new house and great presents.

  65. From Westfield I will purchase Festive Food and Drinks to share; also presents for my young family which will loved and appreciated.

  66. I would donate the prize to the Red Shield Appeal so that someone less fortunate who cannot afford internet will have a chnace to feel special.

  67. From this year with our KK we are donating $10 per person from our budget to guide dogs australia. They are miracle workers 24/7!

  68. Every Christmas Eve, hubby, kids and I visit people who are alone, giving Christmas treats. I’d spend the money on making more baskets to share..

  69. Having an additional $100 Westfield gift card means that more – and better quality – care packages will be sent to some deployed Australian Defence Force members.

  70. Every year my ( now 6 year old) son and I choose a gift suitable for his deceased twin, and place it under a giving tree.

  71. Cardboard and glue is all I need
    Some glitter, pictures, string and painted seed.
    #Happygiving classes Kindy to Year 2
    Sentiments untainted, joyous and true.

  72. Sharing Christmas with our five children, their partners, and gorgeous grandchildren, is a gift in itself. This gift card would be a great lunch contribution.

  73. Westfield is a great place to meet friends, so I would organise a gathering to share lunch, and then browse the great shops together.

  74. I would share #HAPPYGIVING this Christmas by using this prize to buy gifts as I’m currently purchasing our first home and we’re so strapped for money

  75. I have been making special gifts to place under the wishing tree
    for those who have nothing special to look forward to
    it makes e feel so good to make others lives just a little bit happier

  76. Spend it on gifts for the family and to less fortunate kids I know in the neighbourhood who have very little.

  77. I love giving to others, so to make my Christmas special i would purchase toys and clothing and send them to third world countries.

  78. I’d gift it to my 4-year-old daughter as this year she collected bras, knitting needles & gave ALL of her money to “the poor people.” – She’d gift it on best.

  79. Giving is living, I would buy a nice gift for our elderly neighbours who are always giving us gifts at holiday times

  80. Buying gifts for him or me,
    Or even for the family,
    I’m sure I can put it to good use,
    Maybe I’ll buy a Christmas goose.

  81. Gosh, there are so many deserving and under privileged kids who need some cheering up at Christmas. The K Mart wishing tree is a fabulous way to help local kids.

  82. My friend Bec has three foster kids. Those kids get masses of love, hugs and all essentials. I’d love to supply the joyous surprises.

  83. I will be sharing the gift of giving this Christmas by spoiling my loved ones with lovely Christmas gifts. I always put a lot of thought into the gifts I choose and it makes me so happy when they open a gift and their face lights up.

  84. Each year at Christmas I share the gifting by buying a toy and donating it to the Smith Family Charity Toy Appeal. It is only a small donation but it gets me in the festive spirit!

  85. I might be the only selfish one here. I am going to go out on a limb and say I will spend it all on myself… 🙁 I felt so bad saying that.

    But all of my money goes on my children and husband and then the mother and father in law. Nothing is left for me. So I would love to pamper myself and buy a hair dye, some GREAT makeup, oh and some perfume. That will set me up for months to feel great and smell great.

  86. I’ll donate to my workplace’s present tree for charity. I’ll help cater for my family’s lunch and dinner, with very delicious sweet treats.

  87. With Christmas comes more free time, which I will dedicate to volunteering and helping the less fortunate enjoy the holidays like I am able to.

  88. Spend it on the most important people in my life and be happy and don’t let anything bother us during the festive season

  89. This card would mean the World to me. Financially I’m stuffed and pressies this year have had to be creative. I’d love to spend this on my family <3

  90. I would buy my Mum a new pair of shoes and a handbag, since she always puts us first, I would love to spoil her 🙂

  91. i’d take my sister out and spoil her as she’s had a REALLY tough year physically,emotionally and financially. love to see her smile again.

  92. As I have already bought all my pressies I would like to donate a couple of presents to the giving tree in KMart

  93. I’ll see the Salvos and lend a hand cooking for the underprivalaged this Christmas, if I win I will buy a little gift for them.

  94. I would like to share the love of Christmas with the children who may be experiencing their last one. Bear Cottage deserves one of these!

  95. My gift cannot be bought or sold. I’m happily giving the gift of time: turning off the screens, making memories, having experiences with my children.

  96. I would buy a present each for my three children and a present to put under the tree at the shops for children less fortunate.

  97. I would give the Gift card to my partner for Christmas as at the moment I have zilch for him! Finances are at a low. I would appreciate this win very much!

  98. Would love some extra dollars to be able to buy some treats we wouldn’t normally be able to. Would certainly help ease the financial burden.

  99. I’d share it with my family, to show my gratitude to them for their support. They can get something nice with it for Christmas.

  100. Nutriganics is a fair trade organic range available at The Body Shop.
    Winning with Westfield allows me to give back to the environment honestly.

  101. Would love to use this voucher to upgrade the toys I’ll be buying to go under the Wishing Tree this year for needy children so that hopefully there will be happy receiving as well as #HAPPYGIVING!

  102. Id take it to our local fire brigade (in the Blue Mountains)and let the fire fighters have a party. My way of saying thanks

  103. I want to sponsor an endangered animal for my 8 year old niece. This would be great for that particular animal, help protect the species and educate my niece. By educating our children we can hope for a more positive future for our world.

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