Opallac UV Gel Polish At Home Kit

Most of us are limited with time, and if done right a little DIY beauty can give you an instant pick me up. Opallac have brought the salon to your home with their UV Gel Polish Kit.

The idea is to give you everything you need in one box for a safe, long lasting gel nail polish which can last up to 14 days.

The process is simple and you should set aside around 30 minutes. To begin you need to prepare your nails – shaping, filing and making sure they are buffed and free from any oils or creams. This is a really important step which can affect how long your nail polish lasts.

The 7 watt UV led light cures each step, apply a base coat, then your nails are cured for 90 seconds, apply a colour coat, cure…and so on.


The kit comes with 3 colours, UV led lamp, base coat, top coat, 2 in 1 Shine and Soak, remover wipes and step by step instructions.

After the application steps have been followed, you gently wipe with the Shine and Soak, wash your hands and you have a perfect at home manicure!

There is no risk of damaging your nails and the colour lasts longer than your regular paint job. I am fairly busy with my hands so mine didn’t last as long as it could have but next time with better preparation and less hot water (washing dishes, washing hands etc) I know it will be even better.

Fun, with no special skills required – and you can add to your kit with a rainbow of colours from the Opallac brand.

The kit has an RRP of $99 and additional colours are $19.95 each. Available at Priceline stores nationwide.

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