CLOSED: Win with Carmex

Carmex® lip balm is sharing the lip love this season by giving you the chance to win a stunning prize pack showcasing the latest tinted Carmex Moisture Plus® ultra hydrating lip balm in a Peach Sheer Tint!

Following on from the recent success of the Carmex Moisture Plus® lip balm in Pink Sheer Tint (a shade we have all come to love and long-for), Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm in Peach Sheer Tint is set to be another hit. This lip balm contains all the nourishing properties that are the hallmark of the Carmex Moisture Plus range, including the goodness of Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Aloe, as well as the must-have SPF 15. Now you can look glamorous and on-trend this season while enjoying your peachy perfect pout!

carmex family

Carmex Moisture Plus ultra hydrating lip balm in Peach Sheer Tint with its sleek, slant tipped and slimline stick is the ultimate beauty accessory, day and night! Apply to naked lips to enhance your natural lip colour… will never want to be without this contemporary little beauty!

Carmex Australia and Beauty and Lace are giving you the chance to one of four packs to win valued at $48.93 each.

Prize packs to contain;

  • 1 x Moisture Plus Peach RRP $8.99 each
  • 1 x Carmex Jar – RRP $5.99
  • 1 x Carmex Squeeze Tube – RRP $5.99
  • 1 x Carmex Orginal ClickStick ™ RRP – $4.99
  • 1 x Carmex Strawberry ClickStick ™ RRP $4.99
  • 1 x Carmex Moisture Plus Clear RRP $8.99 each
  • 1 x Carmex Moisture Plus Pink RRP $8.99 each

All Carmex products are NOT tested on animals and are preservative free.

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For your chance to win one of these amazing Carmex packs, tell us why you (and your lips) need this prize!

Competition closes 12/07/13 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner.

Terms and conditions

– All decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
– Competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.
– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
– One entry per person
– Competition open to Australian residents only
– Entries are only valid if all required fields have been entered. No responsibility accepted for lost, late or misdirected entries.
– All entries become the property of Beauty and Lace. Your details will not be given or sold to any third parties unless required for claiming of the prize.
– We reserve the right to make changes to the prize and competition if required.
– Winners will be notified by email.

226 thoughts on “CLOSED: Win with Carmex

  1. Winters here which means cold windy & wet. It also means dry, crackers and sore lips. I need some Carmex calm.

  2. My lips are dull, my batteries flat.
    You’re the remedy to fix all that.
    Carmex expertly blended,
    would restore my lips as nature intended.

  3. Living in rural Queensland I spend many hours outdoors. My lips could certainly do with some healing and good protection from the weather. It certainly looks like Carmex might be the ideal product.

  4. I would really love to win this pack, because in winter my lip always dry out and crack and its painful and looks horrible. Please save me from these winter blues!

  5. With the cold air and the heaters running, my lips have become dry and cracked and need some moisture.

  6. I have the bad habit of licking my lips,
    It’s the type of problem only Carmex can fix!
    My pout will no longer be a chapped disgrace,
    With a little extra help from Beauty and Lace!

  7. My lips are dry and lifeless,
    I’m in dire need of a change,
    New lip balm should do the trick,
    Especially from the Carmex range!

  8. I find that the cold weather, and a lot of my matte lipsticks make my lips dry. I’m constantly putting on my lip balm that doesn’t seem to quite do the job. Oh, and it’s my birthday today!!!

  9. I trust Carmex for my lips.
    There are no lips Carmex can’t fix.
    My lips are as dry as can be.
    Carmex will fix that just you wait and see.

  10. The wind & rain chap my lips as I brave my way to & from work on the bus & by foot; I bite my lip when it’s dry which causes it to peel unflatteringly as I concentrate on my work, and when I get home if my lips are dry I don’t get so many kisses! Carmex, please come to my rescue

  11. Windblown hair, dry face, sullen mood and irritable crowds, all signs of the winter blues. But with a Carmex lip balm pack at least my lips will be beautiful. Please give me kissable lips so that my washout, windblow, dry face are totally ignored by my husband!

  12. Hundreds of toddler kisses need to be reciprocated each day with the softest possible Mummy lips (and not my current dry, chapped Tassie Winter lips!). I need Carmex to put the softness in every X 🙂

  13. My lips and I need this Carmex prize as my lips tends to be dry all year round, no matter what the season. If I was stuck on a deserted island it would be Carmex lip products that I’d miss the most!

  14. I eat too many salty chips unfortunately and the salt dries out my lips and makes them peel and they look and feel awful!

  15. I use lip gloss all the time and constantly looking for something better so I’d love to try Carmex.

  16. I always suffer from dry lips during the cooler months, so these Carmex products would be really beneficial.

  17. I have suffered with dry, cracked lips all my life….but when Winter comes around, OMG!!! my lips turn into an arid, dry desert, that desperately NEED quenching hydration.

  18. Would love to win this prize especially as it is preservative free & will help me endure Winter months with soft,moisturised lips.

  19. Me and my lips really need this especially in these cold and windy months,then I can have a smooth and silky lips

  20. Working in air-conditioning,
    Lips dried out, chapped and sore,
    Luxury for my lips, Carmex can provide,
    Give me this treat, save me from lip raw-hide.

  21. On these cold winter days,
    Nothing beats a snuggle with my boyfriend,
    Soft kissable lips he likes,
    Carmex lends a helping hand!

  22. I spend a lot of time outdoor so I need a really good product that protects my lips as well as looking good.

  23. My lips constantly peel and get quite sore at times. Would love to try Carmex to see if it can provide some relief to my puckers.

  24. So very cold and drying here this winter, and my lips are in need of Carmex products more than ever….especially with a new love interest on the horizon!

  25. Carmex on my lips will be divine, making them smooth and perfectly fine, for other lips to entwine.

  26. I’m pretty sure everyone has said this but the typical ‘dry lips’ in this weather is unbelievable! I love Carmex lip balm i have always used their products and I apply lip balm all day and night even in summer! I recently had a shortage in lip balm and had a panic, so my sister gave me a left over she had of the sheer pink(life saver). im gonna stop now coz a i will keep bragging! LOL! 🙂

  27. I need this prize because Carmex is the only brand to go with when you have dry lips like me. If i don’t use my carmex many times a day then my lips dry and crack and become extremely painful and hard to heal! Only CARMEX CAN DO THE TRICK. 🙂 This pack would be absolutely wonderful! 🙂

  28. Winter winds love to prey
    on delicate skin whisking moisture away
    so I apply CARMEX everyday
    it helps to keep dryness at bay!!

  29. Hi I have always suffered with sun blisters , and cold sores have tried a lot of things but just have to be careful, always keep Zovirax on hand this is the best I’ve come up with so far the sun blisters are worse as they come up huge and very uncomfortable

  30. Carmex for my lips would be Shea delight
    And with a moisture plus tint in pretty peach
    I’d be a beautiful sight! 😉

  31. My lips look like they live in Siberia – dry, cracked and cold – they desperately need Carmex this winter – lots of it!

  32. Carmex Lip Balm is a fantastic product. My son loves it and uses it regularly, especially over the drier months! I would love to win this prize package for me (and for him)! The advantage of the new product containing SPF15+ is an added bonus!

  33. Winter’s here,
    Dry lips I fear,
    With Carmex Lip Balm,
    For the cold I’ll be armed,
    Dry lips no more,
    Carmex I adore!

  34. My lips can get so dry in winter so anything such as Carmex lip balm and associated products can only be a bonus.

  35. i was 61 this year getting on i would luv to win this it would improve skin, lips generally make me feel lovely thanks

  36. Lip Balm is a must for me it saves on lip gloss and keep my lips soft cannot do without….

  37. My lips have been extremely dry and chapped recently and I am looking for good quality products to keep my lips in tip top shape! I have tried Carmex products before and have been super impressed!!

  38. I would love to win this lack because I already have and love the pink Chapstick and I am currently obsessed with peach toned makeup this winter. Thanks!

  39. I am a lip balm addict, but I’m finding that the brands I use dry out my lips and they end up all chapped and flakey anyway. I’d love a brand that delivers what it promises but still looks and tastes GREAT!

  40. lips should be soft
    and held aloft
    for the world to see
    a confident me.

    carmex is a dry lip cure
    of this i can be sure
    its a must have in the handbag
    to avoid looking like a dry lipped dag.

  41. As winter approached I dreaded the thought of cracked dry lips. This prize pack would help my fear of dry cracked lips by solving my problem. Not to mention I need kissable lips for the new fella in my life 🙂

  42. Winter lips, dry, cracked and sore,
    Finding a magic fix is such a chore,
    Calmex make my dream come true,
    Make my lips kissable, thankyou!

  43. In winter my lips get super dry,
    and nothing else works though I try.
    Carmex is my little secret tip,
    that gives me a moist and plump lip.

  44. This is an amazing product that has stood the test of time. And as i know that it works on dry lips this prize would be wonderful. As i live in a small town and it gets really cold here. My lips get very dry and then i add to it by licking my lips, making them more damaged. And this prize with the added hint of peach color is a wonderful idea. As that way you dont need to add anything. Just use Carmex and your lips will be colored and hydrated all in one go. And in this pack you get all that you will ever need to get you through the winter and into the summer , I am wishing like many others that this prize is so useful its a great chance.

  45. Dry winter lips, dull and scaly, I wouldn’t want to kiss me…please make my lips kissable again.

  46. I’d love to give these to my daughter who is 10 years old. She has just recovered from a severe herpes virus infection that we think she got from sharing a lipgloss at school. She had blisters in her mouth, on her tongue, around her lips, almost everywhere. Couldn’t eat or drink for days so she ended up with on a drip at the hospital. She was so unwell for almost two weeks. I had no idea a herpes virus could casue a reaction like this, but it can happen when children gets it the first time. Scary.

  47. A wonderful Product. No need for lip-stick for colour when there’s Carmex. It protects as well as helping to produce that healthy smile!

  48. My lips are dry, and so many kisses goes pass me bye. Even though they might not pout, liposlicious is in no doubt.

  49. I think ive got the driest lips in Australia…
    I dont leave home without my lip balm…ever!!!
    AND carmex are the bestest!!
    I would absolutely love this prize… woo hoo 😀

  50. My lips get very, very dry in winter and I use a lot of lip balm then. In summer they just get burnt from the sun and dry up then too. Can’t win! I just don’t have a proper lip balm that lasts.

  51. I would love to win this Carmex pack. My lips get very dry in winter and I use lip balm everyday. I have never used Carmex before but have heard a lot of positive feedback. I will be buying Carmex when my current brand runs out.

  52. I’ll apply it day and night,
    It’s the ultimate lip accessory
    Moisturising my lips and leaving
    a Peach Pint
    With a goodness of Vitamin E and Aloe E
    Plus SPF 15 + a Necessity for me (Being a Redhead)
    It will be in my purse
    day and night.

  53. Not only is winter a problem, summer is too. Not only does the weather impact and cause damage, airconditioning does too.
    Products containing SPF15+ are absolutely essential, I only wish the level was higher as I have very fair skin which I have to protect with a vengeance. Prior to the invention of burn preventative products, while learning to swim I got badly sunburnt on my shoulders within 3 days, even though after the first hour lesson I wore a Cotton T-Shirt over my swimsuit (no Rashies in exisitance then) and my Mother threw a thick towel over me as soon as I got out of the water.

  54. It’s 6 degrees inside as I type this. My lips are desiccated. I’ll leave this fridge/study to warm by the fire soon. And my lips will parch. There isn’t enough moisture in any water bottle to hydrate my lips. There would be in Carmex lip balm.

  55. Winter is on us and that means the wind and the cold will dry out my lips and I hate it when it’s cracked!

  56. My lips really suffer in the cold as I am In and out of the car and in various clients’ houses which are hothouses or igloos.

  57. This dreadful Melbourne Winter has already made my lips red, raw and peeling, Carmex would soothe them and take them back to their former glory!

  58. as a mum, you do a lot of kissing of the boo boo, bed time, just because kisses and the list goes on. I need to keep my lips hydrated and ready to kiss at a minutes notices

    1. I have a 13 month old and hardly ever have time to apply lip balms, but I always make an effort put some Carmex on before bed and wake up with soft lips. You always need soft lips when you are a mummy for kissing little soft faces.

  59. with the cold weather upon us my lips could really do with this prize, they get dry, cracked and very sore with this weather and if i win one of these packs which would leave my lips soft, smooth, supple and fresh, so please help us out and let us win one pack, please

  60. My lips need a shield to stay in shape. Carmex lip balm provides a buffer between my delicate skin and the weather or indoor heating, so I never let my lips go nude!

  61. The cold has arrived yes winter is here,
    Unfortunately my lips go dry every year.
    Carmex help! I’m needing some moisture locking gear.

  62. Would LOVE to try Carmex for my extremely dry & painful lips that often peel. Mainly caused by medication side effects that i have to take for MS, as well as the harsh Melbourne weather. Love that they contain some fantastic ingredients & colour as well that would help boost my self esteem. Also “not tested on animals” really wins me over. Have searched for a product like this and never found one that REALLY works. My fingers & toes are crossed that i get the chance to try this and win a pack, then id be a customer for life if it works for me.

  63. Winter is always a terrible time for lips. With the cold winds and indoor heaters, it all takes a terrible toll. I’d love to win this pack so that no only myself, but my whole family can enjoy soft, supple, kissable lips this winter.

  64. My lips have always desired an extra boost of moisturiser. and more so in winter.. I’ve always used the Original Carmex in the tub! And love it. The others in the range look great too..

  65. My dry lips need help this winter to keep them smooth and sexy, I’ll be able to pout, no doubt, with Carmex moisture therapy

  66. I’d love to win this for my mum whose lips feel so dry recently. I’m using Carmex Cherry Flavoured Lip Balm at moment and really love it. I’m sure she will fall in love with it too.

  67. my lips and i need tender loving care
    moisture and soothing ,glossy and bare.
    carmex will heal my chapped lips with ease
    and make my hubby kiss them and go weak at the knees,

  68. don’t want to scare hubby away when I pout my lips at him for a kiss with my dry lips miss 12 lips have been looking dry too

  69. I need this prize pack to give my cracking Winter lips some love and S.O.S. to restore them to their former glory!

  70. Sizzling Summery days of sun , sand and surf have been devilishly, dastardly, disastrous to my lips. Cool Carmex magical moisturising pampering needed so as wild, windy Wintery weather does not continue the ‘down hill’ deterioration.

  71. 7 x soothing Carmex products….one for my work bag, one for my gym bag, one for my weekend bag, one for my drawer at work, one for my top bedside drawer, one each for my sisters.

  72. Tassie is really turning on Winter now and that means biting, drying winds and cracked lips follow. This. Prize from Carmex would really be appreciated down here.

  73. My lips are dry and start to crack during winter time. I need Carmex to soften them up and make them kiss-able again!

  74. I need Lip Balms cos they are awesome for dry lips, extra colour, extra shine, extra glossy lips and a confidence to boot. 🙂

  75. Omg! I use a lip moisturiser every few hours & couldnt live without one. Winter is even harder on my lips & would love to have a Carmex in my bag, car & home for easy reach!

  76. I need Carmex because it soothes lips and I want one in all my handbags and everywhere thats reachable!

  77. Carmex, I would love to win this great prize, my lips are so sore and dry, carmex make my lips kissable again.

  78. Would love soft, smooth lips,
    Not cracked and chipped,
    Carmex always soothes,
    and are best at what they do.

  79. Carmex caring for my lips – at least one part of my beauty regime won’t fall through the cracks this winter!

  80. C is for CARMEX
    A is for always there to care for my lips
    R is for replenishing my dry skin
    M is for men to use Carmex, not just the ladies !
    E is for I’m eager to win and share this fantastic prize
    X is for that bit xtra (extra) care that only CARMEX can give !


  81. Winter is here and my lips are left cracked and burning,
    Carmex can leave me with lips that would leave even Angelina Jolie Yearning!

  82. One dry, dusty day a lone cowboy rode into a small frontier town. He pulled up at the saloon and, upon dismounting his horse, lifted the horses tail and kissed its…derrière. An old man, sitting on the porch, witnessed this and asked “what’d yer do that fer?”. “Got chapped lips” the cowboy replied. The old man asked “does it help?” to which the cowboy replied “no, but it keeps me from lickin’ ’em”.

    Please help my dry, chapped lips and prevent me turning to such drastic measures!! The Carmex pack looks amazing, I would love to win.

  83. My hubby is a trumpet player and he looks after his lips much better than I do so I would love to have lips as luscious and kissable as his are.

  84. I need some Carmex products because according to my 2.5 year old “Mummy your lips are scratchy” This would help with get me more kisses!

    1. I would live to win this as it would make my lips more passable and it’s a everyday use product for me to use on my lips

    2. I would realy love to win as my lips are cracked and so are my daughters, and she keeps licking them making it worse. she would love to have her own lip balm and this prize would be wonderful please xx <3

    3. When winter comes my lips become dry and cracked. I would like this to become a thing of the past.

    4. I am on a disability pension and could not even afford one of these. I have had pre cancer burnt off three times now. Thank you 🙂

  85. Would love to win this as when my 3 kids get sick all at the same time they suffer the worst cracked dry lips 🙁

  86. my lips need some pampering. Then I’ll open up a kissing booth and put my lips to use with my secret weapon – carmex!

  87. My lips get cracked and very sore,
    So I want a product that gives me more,
    Carmex would be the perfect gift for me,
    To soothe my lips and set me free.

  88. I have never mastered the sophistication and style of using lipstick. Quite frankly I can’t stand the overwhelming gluggy and thick feeling it gives to my lips. I have always been a lip gloss girl though. I adore Carmex products but tend to only buy it on special occasions, like a birthday treat for myself. Being a mum we become selfless and all the kiddies needs and wants tend to come before our own. I would love to feel spoiled and do away with my Vaseline – I wish I used Vaseline, but alas good old petroleum jelly in the No Name branded jar is what I’ve reverted to at present.

    Please help my likeable lips bring back that gloss and shine that only Carmex brings. Here’s hoping!!

  89. It’s winter now so my lips are really dry so i want to win the prize.I think it’s a good chance to try outI carmex products.

  90. My hubby rides his bike to work each day in freezing Canberra conditions. I need to win this to make his lips a little more kissable!

  91. I remember Carmex from when I was younger always has made and kept our lips soft and supple during the harsh winters where our lips are subjected to so much this Carmex pack would keep me in full supply for this winter and keep me sore and dry lip free bring it on Carmex

  92. Im a ‘picker’ and have terrible lips at the moment now that its cold. I need something to nourish my poor lips

  93. I need a carmex pack after having recent back surgery my lips are extremely dry and cracked

  94. Locking Lovable Lips is a favourite pastime of mine,
    but only Carmex Strawberry Clickstick makes them taste divine,
    hubby likes the kisses and my lips don’t hurt,
    and I taste so sweet, he thinks he’s having dessert.

  95. well I received my parcel thank you loads of nail polish
    I would love to win this prize my lips are so dry from the cold weather I find myself licking them all the time to keep them moist

  96. My 2yo daughter and I suffer badly with dry lips especially in the winter and this would be a dream to win, my whole family would be more kissable with healthy moist lips. I’m sick of having dry cracked lips. Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone. What a wonderful prize for anyone who receives it.

  97. Winter always drys out my lips and gives me flaky patches in the corner of my mouth, they need some TLC.

  98. I have a 1yr old boy and rarely get to treat myself, I would deffinately appreciate this pack 🙂

  99. You can’t enjoy the simple things in life with cracked and bleeding lips: a kiss, a sour frozen fanta, a smile, the sun, sitting by the heater or the great outdoors

  100. I need this prize because I am a Carmex addict, and I must keep plenty of Carmex in stock for emergencies. Running out of Carmex is not an option!

  101. Ooooo, a Carmex for every handbag and place I will be. One at home, one at work, one in my weekday handbag, one in my weekend handbag, one in my car and one in hubby’s car. I’ll never be without! Love

  102. Riding my bike to work in this freezing weather totally dries them out. And not only do they dry out, i seem to get this filmy layer or eeww in the corners from my panting! Im hopeing Carmex will make them delicious once again

  103. To keep my lips protected and cared for so they can stay looking there best in this harsh season.

  104. i love carmex lip balm always feels so good on, i don’t know what to say because everyone is deserving of prizes and gifts, i want to win just like everyone else, it’ll just really come in handy coz i only have a speck left lol

  105. Winter set to make it’s dry blast, my lips suffers terribly. Craving the soft lips of love to warm my soul, I need Carmex in my purse 24/7

  106. Kisses goodbye to hubby in the morning,
    Magical kisses that heal scrapped knees and ensure sweet dreams.
    These lips of mine have a lot of important kissing to do all day long and need Carmex to keep them soft and tender!

  107. Love, Hugs and care are lovely BUT a smile can let strangers and friends alike feel special. Carmex would help me feel special too

  108. My lips get so chapped and dry,
    It makes me want to cry cry cry,

    I love Carmex every season
    I even buy it without a reason!

    My lips could smell just so delicious,
    It seems the stuff is totally fictitious!

  109. My daughter has super sensitive skin and suffers from dry cracked lips, winter is most certainly no ali to her lips/skin nor my wallet please help me ?!

  110. I just moved to Ballarat, it was -2 last night. Me and my partner need kissing help, please send carmex!

  111. My two year old has stolen all of my balms, and regularly wakes us with a shout of “I neeeeed lip gloss!!”. Mamma needs her own secret stash to replace everything I’ve lost!

  112. I must say Carmex is the perfect brand for me, being an animal lover who is against animal testing. This stuff is addictive, feels great on my lips!
    My life just doesn’t function properly without my Carmex. 😛

  113. My 20 month old niece got into my handbag and used both my lip balm and lip gloss to draw ‘pretty pictures’ on the wall! I need replacement lip products!

  114. “Summer, autumn, winter, spring,
    Carmex products make me sing,
    the best lip products – you will find round town,
    Carmex is number one

  115. I dont wear much lippy, so I live on tinted/lip balms. Im forever blowing my nose, so tissues rub my balm off and I talk so much for a living! I reaaally need a good quality product such as Carmex! Did I mention peach is my favorite color?

  116. When I was younger I picked windburn off my lips and ever since then my lips are constantly dry and aching. I was given Carmex by my mother and it’s like a miracle worker! The only thing that relieves my chapped lips and makes them so smooth. I told my boyfriend about it and he got hooked on using Carmex! So this pack would be good for me so I can share it with my boyfriend and not have to worry about him hiding his all the time when I run out of mine!

  117. Carmex to the rescue,
    no more winter blues.
    My lips are soft and supple
    Now as a married couple
    a carmex kiss, so tender
    to his lips, i surrender.

  118. My daughter gets cracked lips all the time
    and she uses carmex for it,
    brilliant stuff that really works
    so by winning you will
    save me money for a little while

  119. I need something to get rid of that flipping skin on my lip – it’s so distracting when I talk to people.

  120. Me and My daughter both suffer from dry burning lips frequently. Over time we have tried most brands around and have found CARMEX is the ONLY thing my 9 year old and I find that works and brings relief for our lips. So you could imagine our excitement when we saw this competition. 🙂 🙂

  121. It is not only my lips that need Carmex my daughter’s lips do too, she has cracked lips and around her lips, she really needs carmex lip balm please xx

  122. Winter with its cold grey weather, red noses, dry skin, chapped lips… makes it difficult to “crack” a smile.

  123. Winter, with its cold, grey weather, red noses, dry skin, chapped lips… makes it difficult to “crack” a smile.

  124. My lips are so dull and dry, I really need something to help me bring them back to life, this would definitely help me heaps, please, please, please!

  125. I have used Carmex before and it soothed my dry and cracked lips! I cant seem to find them in many of the Carmex produces in my local pharmacies! I would love to win this prize to share with my sister and friends 🙂

  126. I’d love to win the pack as I have tried these products before and absolutely loved them! The only problem is, my new puppy got into my bag and ate my lip balm 🙁 I need the prize as now that winter is coming around, I need some new products to prevent my lips from getting chapped and dry! 🙂

  127. My Lips get incredibly dry in winter and nothing has ever made them moist like carmex has but always need more!

  128. I would love to win this as my lips are always dry from the medication I take!
    Would be handy to have at any place at hand eg: 1 in bedroom , longe room and kitchen 🙂

  129. Carmex is the bomb. when i was prescribed roaccutane 7 years ago my dermatologise recommended it and i havent turned back!!
    great product

  130. I’m in and out all day. Windy winter weather isn’t too friendly on my lips so they need some extra TLC.

  131. Me and my lips need this prize to ensure my lips look as fantastic as my eyes, Carmex get on my lips to distract people from my hips!

  132. I would love to win this comp! my lips are so dry and skin peels away, then when i eat, my lips STING! my lips are in great need of some good moisturising! 🙂

  133. i’ve been following this pack since who knows and you should have seen me when i found there was a competition. My lips are always dry and thirsting for a lip balm. I’ve always been to poor to buy this myslef. really hope to win

  134. So that just once I can wake up and have my lips not feel like a snake shedding its skin. I literally have to peel it off. ick.

  135. Its winter and my lips are dying. This product sounds really great and sounds like it could work!

  136. My ancient old lips are like parchment after these last few cold days. Us Queenslanders are not used to it!

  137. My lips are dry, chapped and in need of rest.
    I need so soothing shea butter so I stop my stutter. ,
    To win some Carmex would be the best.
    Please Beauty and Lace, help fix the puckers on my face.

  138. Due to being born premature I have a weak vocal cord which means every time I speak air brushes over my lips leaving them cracked and dry all the time!! So I would love this Carmex prize pack!

  139. I love the Carmex Lip Balm I already have and winning this prize means I can share the pack with my 2 girls and they won’t be trying to pinch my Sheer Peach if they have their own!!!

  140. early morning starts always means dry, cracked lips! This would be perfect not only for me, my hubby aswell! Ssshh dont tell him I told you that. Actually, he can have his own, it’s compac enough to be hidden from his boys!

  141. My lips hate winter and summer, then again they also hate spring and autumn. They need your HELP.

  142. My lips suffer in the low humidity and are constantly dry (“Your kisses are scratchy mummy!”) despite whatever I try. And then my choice of lip balm inevitably gets commandeered or adopted by one or the other of my little girls, never to return to my possession. If I were lucky enough to win this magnificent Carmex stash, I would hide it like gold to ensure my lips are finally smooth!

  143. I have really dry lips and I always needed lip balms or lip butter with me to make sure my lips are not too dry. Carmex lip balm sounds like a great product and I would like to try it.

  144. I looked in the mirror today and my lips were so bad I almost looked dead, there was no colour, they were cracked, and quite sore. Unfortunately this happens quite often. I need a decent product like Carmex to have any relief at all. Best of all, their products are not tested on animals, as soon as I read that I fell in love with Carmex.

  145. I’ve looked at this product from time to time, but am reluctant to move from my long time favourites. If I were to win some, perhaps I would be a convert?

  146. These wonderful products would be perfect for me to use during winter. They’d ensure that my lips always look and feel their very best.

  147. My skin might be a victim of winter’s wild weather, but at least my lips wouldn’t have to be! Help me take my lips from dissable to kissable with one quick swipe!

  148. I would love this because I always get dry lips and this is the only stuff that really works for me so it would be perfect as a student to not have to go out & buy it once my lips get dry.

  149. Mega sandpaper lips happening at the moment! Windburn, flakiness is so not welcome and Carmex will help immediately giving me tissues for my issues!

  150. I like to look good and be healthy
    Carmex can give me both
    lip smacking health
    and looks of a goddess!

  151. I so need the hydrating lip balm at the moment. I have a terrible head cold and my lips are dry, cracked and sore!

  152. This whole package will be heaven sent to a mum like me. As all mums would be, we put ourselves last ahead of our kids and the whole family so a little pampering for a busy mum like me would boost my confidence in going out and not looking like I have just come out from chasing a herd lol. Many Thanks

  153. My lips hate winter like the rest of my skin. I would love my lipstick to look as nice as what it does in summer!

  154. I would love my lips to return to being rejuvenated and revitalised! Right now, my lips are horribly chapped and dry due to winter weather.

  155. Delivering junkmail in all types of weather..the first thing to be affected is my lips! But the ‘specials’ must get out there! Lol!

  156. Delivering junkmail in all types of weather, the first thing affected is my lips! Carmex would be easy to carry and apply! The special need to get out! Lol!

  157. Every winter, my lips dry out like I’ve lived in the desert without any water. I need something to moisturise and soothe my cracks lips, and I think Carmex sounds like it would help me.

  158. Its embarrassing kissing my boyfriend not having soft lips and mine dry out constantly, please Carmex help me!! I need kisses!

  159. I have a lot of allergies to heaps of beauty products but this one seems to be great for my lips. Especially when it’s cold and windy an there dry and cracking. Would love my soft lips back again!

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