CLOSED: Win with LeapFrog

Little ones can enjoy big learning fun with these fantastic new additions to LeapFrog’s range of educational toys.

Teaching a mix of music, numbers and colours, these toys will encourage learning from six months old.

Lil’ Phone Pal (RRP $17.99*) – suitable for 6 to 18 months


Little ones can dial up learning fun with their own Lil’ Phone Pal. This first phone introduces basic phone manners with “Hello”, “Goodbye!” “Who is it please?” and “Thanks for Calling!” whilst exploring early counting 1, 2, 3 and motor skills as they play. The coloured movable beads and band help baby to practice their dexterity whilst also encouraging bub to imagine, grow, learn and develop.

Farm Mash Up (RRP $29.99*) – suitable for 12-36 months

19221_jpeg_out of pack_1

Farm Mash Up teaches your little one to create silly animals for endless musical fun whilst learning about colours, animal sounds and facts, as they mix and match. With three ways of learning – by touch, sound and sight – Farm Mash Up provides hours of learning fun facts, baby animal names, and colours with each animal match.

Each time a child presses a tile into the interactive tile reader, it says the name of the animal and its colour eg. “Red Dog”. Everyone will enjoy familiar barnyard tunes including Old McDonald as they sing along.

These new LeapFrog products are available from major department stores and independent toy retailers. For further information on LeapFrog and its products, visit

For customer enquiries or more stockist information please contact Funtastic’s free-call Customer Care Line on 1800 244 543.

We have 5 prizes up for grabs, each is valued at $47.98 and contains 1 x Lil Phone Pal and 1 x Farm Mash Up.

To enter, just leave a comment below telling us why the little one in your life who would love this prize!

Competition closes 27/05/13 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner

Terms and conditions

– All decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
– Competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.
– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
– One entry per person
– Competition open to Australian residents only
– Entries are only valid if all required fields have been entered. No responsibility accepted for lost, late or misdirected entries.
– All entries become the property of Beauty and Lace. Your details will not be given or sold to any third parties unless required for claiming of the prize.
– We reserve the right to make changes to the prize and competition if required.
– Winners will be notified by email.

72 thoughts on “CLOSED: Win with LeapFrog

  1. My little ones growing up and wants to learn. He’s completed a few miles stones lately which makes me proud. I’d love this, to reward him.

  2. My little man would love these gorgeous toys as he is getting more and more clever every day and is too smart for the toys he already has..

  3. My toddler who loves to play
    would love these. It will keep him
    out mischief and he can have lots of fun

  4. My gorgeous little granddaughter turned one today is learning so much so soon. She’s as bright as a button and would love these fun learning toys!

  5. How impressive are these! Leap Frog are such innovative, learning toy makers! They just continue to churn out toys of wonder and amazement. Not only are these so cute but they host tons of fun with their interactive songs, sounds and fun phrases enhancing sensory development, eye-hand co-ordination and fine motor skills. These sound like too much fun for just the kids I think I might have to stop in at Myer tomorrow just to have a little bit of a play myself!! ha, ha!!!

  6. My little girl would adore these toys as much as we adore her. The leap frog phone would be much better then using my touch phone.

  7. I have two little ones that would love these great toys
    they get very excited with colours and sounds at the moment
    I like them to have toys that are fun but also that they can learn with

  8. Not biased, of course, but my 1yr old granddaughter is very bright and would love this. You can’t beat educational toys for the betterment of your childrens future at an early age. Just love it.

  9. When our children were little we simply couldn’t afford lovely toys like this. I now love buying friends Leap Frog toys for baby showers, they are gender neutral for Mums that want to keep the babys sex a secret, and I know the toys are gong to be great for the expected baby, and will still be good and strong for any brothers or sisters that may follow..

  10. These would be great for my up and coming young one. I love toys that help children learn about the world around them.

  11. My prince would love the phone as he has already figure out his mum’s iPhone pin code and mum wants her phone back!
    My princess would be entertained for hours with the Animal farm musical, until her favourite show comes on!

  12. With my little one being the youngest girl out of 4 girls all under 6 years, she is always playing with hand-me-downs. To win these awesome toys that would be hers and hers alone, would be wonderful indeed!

  13. She is so inquisitive. Always asking questions that I know the lil’ phone pal would give her hours of fun and my ears a rest.

  14. My son is learning how to talk. From the moment he wakes up til his sleep time, he loves to talk even if it’s still baby talk. The Lil’ Phone Pal would encourage him to learn the words while he could play with all the buttons and the rings.
    He would love Farm Mash Up because he’s at the stage where he’s very aware with all the different noise and sound.

  15. Lately my little bub has been fond of sounds
    some are strange,some are newly found
    The whistling of the kettle
    The turning of the lock
    The purring of the kitten
    The ticking of the clock
    The popping of the toaster
    The crunching of the flakes
    When you spread the marmalade
    The scraping noise it makes
    The hissing of the frying-pan
    The ticking of the grill
    The bubbling of the bathtub
    Like a curious George
    he is noticing them
    and making every effort
    to listen each one clear and loud!
    this toy will make him the happiest kid
    listening to all those sounds he ever could imagine
    his first little steps
    towards sounds,colours and fun of learning.

  16. My little grandson has a speach problem and we are trying our best to help him any way we can. I think this LeapFrog toy would be just what he needs, through fun play encourage him to work on sounds and words without any adults. The Farm mash up would be a assistant in developing his speach.

  17. LeapFrog…wow, what a prize!!!
    I’ve heard they are the best….
    I would love to have my gorgeous niece put it to the test..
    here’s hoping I can surprise her with this awesome prize..
    Fingers, toes and everything possible is being crossed…. 😀 <3

  18. My niece would gain great skills with one of these, and as she has young parents i’m concerned money and time will limit her potential. This would give her such a great learning head start!

  19. Miss 1 is obsessed with mobile phones, and locks her cute little hands on anybody’s phone if they leave it out. She would love her own phone to play with (even if it is just a toy).

  20. My littlest loves visiting Poppy’s farm and all the animals there so she would love to play with the Farm Mash-Up!

  21. Master one’s favourite song is “Old McDonalds Farm” and I’m forced to sing EVERY.SINGLE.ANIMAL.ON.THE.FARM.
    The Farm Mash-Up would take a bit of pressure off an exhausted mum.

  22. My little niece would be uncontrollably excited to play with these lovely toys she would absolutely adore having lots of fun with them!

  23. My litlle six month old has been eyeing off my mobile phone…and now he’s trying to grab it from me I’d love to give him his own!!!!!

  24. Convenience and value of LeapFrog entertainment, already having a toddler keeps me confident when new bubs arrives, wherever Mother’s group takes us I’ll be showing off his new phone pal.

  25. Our little bubba would absolutely love playing and learning with these great educational LeapFrog toys! Play is a child’s work 🙂

  26. I have 2 beautiful granddaughters who i refer to as my 2 fairy princesses, are expecting a baby sis or bro in 4mths,what a nice gift these would make

  27. Frog toys are always popular and more so now due to the environmental considerations.

  28. Perfect for keeping bubs amused in the car and hopefully they won’t want the real thing anymore!

  29. My 13 month old would love these. Currently she is practicing her phone skills by using the television remote which scares me as I’m worried she is going to access the batteries. It would be wonderful to have a toy phone for her to learn with which is safe for her. Also she is recognising animals and enjoying trying to make their sounds so the Farm Mash Up would be ideal. My singing voice is terrible and she does regularly put a dummy in my mouth when I begin to sing so at least she can listen to a pleasantly sung Old Macdonald and dance to it in her cute little bopping way. Also I’m sure I’m not the only parent who would be super excited to play together with their kids and these toys they look great and they promote learning in a fun way.

  30. Little eyes watch intently, and little arms and hands follow close behind. Always watching, touching, and learning in leaps and bounds. Our little man is so amazed by the world, and wants to know how everything works. We’ll help him as much as possible, and this LeapFrog pack would be a fantastic addition to his play time.

  31. I love playing educational games with my 2 little ones, they are always surprising me with how clever they actually are. They would love these new toys.

  32. Working on a farm, farming’s in the blood. Our toddler just loves animals, tractors and all things related to the farm. On the LIL PHONE PAL she could call Daddy home for morning tea and they would play together with her FARM MASH UP. This is especially gorgeous as she can share something in common with her Daddy. Mimicking animal sounds, perfecting hand/eye co-ordination in putting the animal pieces together. These would be delightful and highly relevant toys for our little one.

  33. My youngest has special needs and at 4yo is just starting to talk. These toys would be wonderful to help him learn new words and have fun doing so.

  34. My son Oliver would love some leapfrog toys,
    Laughing and playing and a bit more noise,
    So much fun for my little one!

  35. My little grandchildren are just coming to the age where these toys would be wonderful learning and fun games, whole entertainment for the whole family I suspect.

  36. My brand new niece is very small
    She knows little of the world at all
    And Leapfrog is the perfect way
    For her to learn while she’s at play.

  37. Mia would love it as she loves to play,
    Every toy gets used every day,
    From indoors to outdoors, chalk on the board,
    Playing in water from buckets its poured,
    Digging in dirt and filling her shoes,
    Oh Mia, that’s what the bucket should do,
    Picking off flowers, destroying the lot,
    Sitting on plants that live in the pot,
    Riding the bike all through the house,
    Painting with fingers all over her blouse,
    Letters and numbers we are learning too,
    But what she really loves mostly to do,
    Is find new things with which to play,
    To play with each and every day

  38. every child needs to learn from and early age so they are prepared for the bigger world ahead i want my child to be prepared

  39. little baby boy loves to learn – leap frog make such great products he would get hours of fun out these goodies

  40. My little man would love to have his own phone to call his ‘Uncle Baba’…and I’d love to have my own phone back so that he stops accidently ringing his uncle!

  41. My little girl would love growing into this stuff and my little man would love it now. Trying to be smart like his big brother.

  42. My daughter would love playing with these amazing toys, it would help her learn and would be hard to get her to part with when the new baby arrives shortly! I think these prizes would be the perfect grounding for my new daughter to learn, learn, learn!

  43. My girl would love these, she would need the phone to call the vet in case there was an emergency with one of the animals. 🙂

  44. my little one loves leap frog toys and would have him leaping further and further in discovering himself and his abilities of learning plus the fun he can have with mummy!

  45. My daughter, Hayley is expecting our first grandchild on 31 July 2013. I had to retire last year due to ill health and my husband has been retired for some years. It’s a time where you want to be able to spoil the baby and your baby rotten but with the cost of the trip to the mainland, there won’t be a lot left over for the other bits and pieces I would really like to be able to lavish on Algernon Marmaduke as my husband calls him. I would really appreciate and receive a lot of joy from this prize.

  46. My little 1yo is really starting to explore the world she could have so much fun and jump ahead with leaps and bound with the help of LeapFrog!

  47. As much as my little one would enjoy it. I would have to say I would enjoy it so much more. I would have some quiet time while he plays, to have a coffee that is hot or to get some house work done. He would be so occupied that he wouldn’t follow me around messing everything I had just cleaned.

  48. I have little grandchildren that come to play so not only will they be having fun but it would also be a learning experience too. The play phone would be perfect for my little chatterbox grandaughter.

  49. My 2 months old twins would love to gear up their motor skills with this wonderful pack, it could give them hours of joy

  50. My little one is absorbing information faster than a Chux can absorb spillages, so these educational toys will help even more.

  51. Annie has just started taking an interest in telephones and would love a toy to keep the mobile phone out of bounds. This looks perfect. Noisy toys are her favourites.

  52. My friends little boy is just perfect – being in a remote part of Fiji toys aren’t very acceptable or affordable. We all Leap frog are a leap above the rest in toy design. I would love to send these over to my friend in Fiji as he is a cheeky little guy who would get a lot of use out of these for many years to come.

  53. These two toys are perfect, for our little man,
    He chatters on our telephone, all day if he can,
    Loves all kinds of animals, he oinks, baas and moos,
    This amazing Leapfrog prize, would keep him so amused!

  54. My youngest is surrounded by teenage siblings who are technology mad. LeapFrog would help her feel like she’s part of their technological revolution.

  55. Imagine the giggles while “calling” daddy on the Lil’ Phone Pal (with beautiful manners) and the shrieks of laughter when creating a “Pig-Cow” with Farm Mash Up.

    My little Caroline would enjoy the stretching of her imagination (good for baby!) while helping her develop important tactile fine-motor skills (good for parents!). LeapFrog’s toys never disappoint.

  56. My 1 year old son is such a little smartie! Always finding more challenging things to do! I love encouraging his learning as he thrives on it! He would have endless fun with either of these toys!

  57. Simply put, my little LEAPFROG, is 13 months old and ready to soak up as much LEAPFROG fun as she can get.

  58. My phones have been dropped out of car windows, thrown from prams and flushed. Funnily it still works. This would help me reclaim my phone for me

  59. My nephew would love these almost as much as he loves his fav auntie – but they would be less noisy.

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