Skin Doctors Shine Free T-Zone

Skin Doctors T-Zone actively reduces oil production and absorbs oil already visible on the skin. It also reduces pore size, redness and inflammation, for a shine free, matte complexion and even skin tone.

Skin Doctors is fast becoming my favourite skin care brand. I haven’t used them in the past so luckily I was given the chance to review a product of theirs awhile back and now their T zone range. I must say overall this brand is of high quality and I would recommend to anyone!

Now for my take on the T-Zone range.

T-Zone Oil Control Cleanser

This cleanser feels so silky smooth and is easily applied. I need less than a 10c piece sized amount to cover my whole face. I use with a splash of water and work into a lather then rinse off – very simple cleanser to use. I find it to be gentle and there is no sting or tingle after use.

Active ingredients include:

Evermat – this helps control oil production and excess shine, giving skin a healthy, matte appearance. It is clinically proven to reduce shine by 21% and pore size by 16%.

Acnacidol – a royal jelly-mimetic oil regulator with antibacterial properties clinically proven to regulate sebum production.

skin doctors tzone

T-Zone No More Oil

This light weight facial cream leaves my skin feeling hydrated without a shiny afterglow. Again only a small amount is required to cover my entire face and neck. I find it absorbs rather quickly so make up can be applied within a few minutes.

My skin is left with a matte appearance and I find it doesn’t end up shiny later in the day either.

Active ingredients are:



Resistem – an anti aging plant stem cell known as a ‘Bodyguard’ for the skin that promotes cell detoxification and longevity, while soothing and reducing redness.

Ronacare Bisabolol – is a natural plant extract from Chamomile that acts as an anti inflammatory therefore reduces redness of the skin. It contains strong antioxidant properties which fight free radical damage to the skin.

T-Zone No More Pores

This night cream helps refine, unclog, shrink and tighten pores so skin looks smooth, matte, even and flawless. Containing Salicylic Acid to clear pores and remove excess oil and Glycolic and Lactic Acids to exfoliate, clarify and reduce pore size.

I find this overnight treatment is nice to use. It is rather thick unlike the day cream so I am using a bit more. I find I’m not as shiny in the morning like I would be using a regular night cream.

I haven’t noticed a reduction in pore size as yet, but have only been using for a week. I do find my skin is looking  smoother and less shiny. This range is one I will recommend, especially to friends and family that complain about their T-Zone (which is a fair few).

Rating 5/5

T-Zone Oil Control Cleanser (150ml Tube)             RRP $29.95

T-Zone No More Oil (30ml pump)                              RRP $39.95

T-Zone No More Pores (30ml Jar)                             RRP $29.95




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