The Benefits Of Tamanu Oil

If you haven’t heard of Tamanu Oil before, don’t despair. While oils such as rosehip, jojoba and argan are all claiming people’s attention, Tamanu is certainly not one to overlook.  The Tamanu tree belongs to tropical South East Asia where the locals know it to be “sacred’.  It is the tree to go to if anyone is in need of skin healing and protection.

Tamanu, like rosehip, is considered to be a wonderful regenerating oil, with many thanks to its various fatty acids. It is quite often used in anti-aging formulations and has been known to help heal blemishes. Applying gently to scars – even those pesky long term ones – will help to greatly fade the mark over time.


The appearance and smell of the oil mightn’t be the most alluring and perhaps this is why it hasn’t gained in such popularity, but I can assure you with frequent use, Tamanu Oil is known to help transform skin.

If you suffer from dry and dehydrated skin, Tamanu can be used. It offers good levels of hydration and sinks into skin at a medium speed.

If you’re wondering what else you could use it for, Tamanu has also been recommended for –

  • – Eczema
  • – Cracked Skin
  • – Nappy Rash
  • – General skin moisturising
  • – Improve appearance of dry/dehydrated skin
  • – Wound healing (please note this is for minor wounds only)
  • – Blemishes/Pimples
  • – Scar fading
  • – Soothe itchy skin

Perhaps Tamanu isn’t the spiffiest of products, the strong woodsy scent and greenish colour may put you off, but I ask you to put your fussiness to the side and give it a try – compare it to the ever-talked about rosehip oil and see how it takes your fancy.

As Tamanu Oil is produced from the nut of the Calophyllum Tacamahaca tree, it isn’t suited to those with nut allergies.

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