Apple and Bee

Apple&Bee, what a glorious range of cosmetic bags you have. The fact that you’re eco-friendly means you rate highly here on Beauty and Lace and my-oh-my what gorgeous designs I can see. If Apple&Bee have yet to land on your radar, then do read on.

Created by natural skin care expert Brett Pattinson and designer Claire Morris, Apple&Bee was born after a belief that sustainability should apply to everyday life. The fabrics used to create the exquisite range are organic and eco-friendly. Each design is completely original and exclusive to the range.

apple ane bee

Like many women I own a cosmetic bag or two. I have one for my handbag, one in the bathroom, one in my bedroom and one by my computer desk (is that strange?)

It’s lovely to know that there are greener options out there for us to choose and what’s more, Apple&Bee’s fabrics are strong and sturdy and will last you a long time.

More then just an extensive range of cosmetic bags, Apple&Bee also have totes, lunch satchels, clutch bags, coin purses, overnight bags, a gorgeous range of necessities for babies and children, stationary and skin care.

Fact – Apple&Bee have established a non-profit organisation called Bee Foundation which helps raise money and awareness for honey bees, which are becoming extinct.


Stockists – You can purchase the beautiful range of assortments from boutique and home ware stores Australia wide. Apple&Bee also have designed a range just for Sussan fashion stores – Honey by Apple&Bee. For more information visit

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