Organix Passionfruit Guava Shampoo and Conditioner

I am a sucker for sensational smelling shampoo and conditioner, I can admit it. I will often choose a product based solely on smell, sometimes finding that the results do not live up to my olfactory expectations.

That is definitely not the case with the Organix Passionfruit Guava Shampoo and Conditioner that I am using at the moment. I have had these in my bathroom for a week now and I am loving them.

The smell, ohh what a scent. I wash my hair in the mornings so even after the morning routine preceding my shower I’m still pretty much sleepwalking so the fruity hit of passionfruit and guava is an absolute delight to wake up to.

organix passionfruit and guava

The bottle states:

A sensual exotic blend of energy rich passionfruit extract to stimulate and hydrate your tired tresses, while guava adds essential vitamins and antioxidants to enrich your hair, along with orange blossom infused honey for a brilliant lustrous and frizz-free shine.
This may stimulate my tired tresses but it also stimulates my sleepwalking mind helping me to feel revitalised to start my day and that is a big win for me.

I have quite tangle prone hair so I need to brush it out before I get in the shower, comb through the conditioner to remove the scrunching tangles I created and then it can still be quite a chore to comb my hair for styling after towel drying. Not so with the Organix Passionfruit Guava Shampoo and Conditioner. A second big selling point for me is that combing my wet hair after showering is smooth and easy – oh the bliss of not having to fight the comb to get my hair style ready on a rushed morning before work.

The Organix shampoos and conditioners are SLS, paraben and gluten free, they are not tested on animals and they are gentle on colour treated hair.

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