Interview: Aphrodisiac Male Escorts

Melbourne is now home to an escort agency that caters to women, but even better than that – it is run by women. This is something that I found  intriguing, so I jumped at the opportunity to question Sarah and Michelle about Aphrodisiac Male Escorts.

Can you tell us a little about how Aphrodisiac Male Escorts was born?

Aphrodisiac Male Escorts was born 3 years ago in Sarah’s kitchen over coffee and chocolate. We were discussing how Sexpo was on that weekend, and whether we should go again and check it out, as we had done in previous years.

We found, from our previous experiences at Sexpo, that the only worthwhile products out there for women were coloured vibrators in all shapes and sizes and some tacky lingerie! How many times can you go and look at the same vibrators and same tacky outfits, which are all primarily geared for stimulating and pleasuring men visually and not women.

So, we started researching the sex industry in Australia, and what was available for women. We found that there were a few independent escorts and a couple of straight male escort agencies in Sydney, and not much more. We both have a great appreciation for high-end quality products and services and we found that there was a huge gap in our market for these types of services for women.

Why is it that for centuries it’s been almost a rite of passage for men to go to Brothels, strip clubs, escorts and watch porn all day (especially these days). It’s almost expected, right! But when it comes to women or mothers the word morals are always brought up in conversation. When is Society going to let women make their own choices and their own decisions without being judged? What? Because they are women or mother’s its not appropriate behavior!! Do we still live in the dark ages!!!

By setting up Aphrodisiac Male Escorts our intentions were never to break up marriages or help our clients cheat; it’s the clients’ personal choice why they choose to book an escort. We are simply here to give women options and choices in providing them with a professional, safe and discreet service. We want women to know that they have the option of a safe, discreet and secure service where they are able to be themselves in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Where their choices are NEVER judged or frowned upon! There have been a few instances where our services have actually helped in a troubled marriage, and have not only made the marriage much stronger but also have made both partners more appreciative of one another.

If a woman wants to cheat she doesn’t need to hire an escort she can cheat with the next-door neighbor if she wants to.

Aphrodisiac Male Escorts are strong believers in fairness and equality for both sexes of our society!

Who do you cater to?

Our agency caters for all women. The women that use our service are from all walks of life; they are usually intelligent, professional, confident and health conscious. The one thing they all have in common is they have a preference and appreciation for a personalized, high-end service.

We have also found that over time women have become more empowered and in control of making their own decisions and choices. So only the best will do!

What are the services that you provide?

We provide our clients with either companionship or an Intimacy experience. It depends on the client’s request. Companionship is either a formal function where the client needs a gentleman to escort her to a formal dinner or an occasion. We also offer the boyfriend experience, which could include our gentleman cooking a lovely meal for our client with a relaxing foot rub, or just a quiet evening filled with interesting conversation, fun and laughter.

In regards to the Intimacy experience, every client has unique and specific needs that need to be met, so we try and match the clients needs and desires with their perfect gentleman. This is usually either a fantasy that the woman wants to experience or a personal sexual journey of enlightenment.
Our clients also have the choice of our female companions who are bisexual, for those clients that are a bit bi-curious and have always fantasized an erotic or sensual experience with another female.

At Aphrodisiac Male Escorts we provide our female clients with a high-end service. Both our male and female companions are thoroughly screened before they are even considered to join our exclusive team. We pride our services on our companion’s professionalism, intelligence, uniqueness and sensuality. There are no two alike!

This is the worlds oldest profession why do you think it has taken this long for a service to open that caters exclusively to women?

Through our extensive research and investigation into this industry we found that most of the escort agencies in Australia are run by men, let’s face it men don’t always know what women need or desire. They wouldn’t know where to start.

The fact that we are our target market and that we are extremely lucky to be surrounded by a large network of female friends and acquaintances has given us the ability to set up such a specifically designed business.

No other agency in Melbourne has actually bothered or taken the time to look into this as thoroughly as we have. This is not just a business to us. We are passionate about making women everywhere feel wonderful, alive and rejoice in their womanly ways.

What makes Aphrodisiac Male Escorts stand out from the crowd?

The reason Aphrodisiac Male Escorts stands out from the crowd is because it’s run by two professional women, who are passionate about equality and allowing women to have the same options and choices as men have had for centuries prior to now. We have spent the last 3yrs, tirelessly researching the sex industry and have proved to our female clients, and ourselves, that there is a definite need for such a service in today’s society in Australia and that no one has yet tackled this issue correctly and from the point of view of the female clients needs and requirements.

How difficult was it to get a business of this nature off the ground?

Starting up our escorting agency has been quite challenging, especially as neither of us have worked in the industry and we are both women!

There are so many gatekeepers and many laws to adhere to but the key to our success was being persistent, having a positive mindset and never taking our eyes off the goal ahead! We never gave up, even when we were faced with seemingly impossible barriers. We kept going and here we are today. From where we stand it was all totally worth it.

Can you tell us a little about the policies for ensuring the safety and discretion of clients?

We think that the reason our clients feel comfortable and safe with using our services is because we strongly believe putting the client’s and companion’s safety and discretion is the first priority. This protocol is fundamental in running and maintaining our agency.

The interview process for our staff is quite long and involved. They need to present us with a current police check and a health check, which is actually a legal requirement before we can call them in for an interview. Health tests for STIs are done quarterly, by each companion, for as long as they are a part of our agency and it is legislated as such by the Victorian government.

Once we are both satisfied with the results and the initial interview has been done, they must then agree to a ‘trial run’ with a lady, which we have organized for them. Once we receive positive feedback from the trial run, only then can they join our agency.

On joining our team, the companions are required to sign confidentiality and legal contracts where they understand that all client information is confidential and that all information and experiences shared with the client are not to be mentioned or discussed with anyone.

Are there agencies you need to register with; is this an industry requiring certification of some kind?

In order to run a legalized escort agency in Melbourne we both have to be registered with a “Sex Worker Service Providers License” from Business Licensing Authority.

What are some of the reasons clients come to you?

There are so many reasons why women would want or need to use an escort in today’s society.

There are women whose husbands or partners cannot satisfy their sexual needs and desires whether it’s due to stress, health issues or age, and they are sexually frustrated. Amazingly it’s often the partners who call up to find an intimate companion for their girlfriends or wives.

Then there are the career women who are too busy to date let alone having sex! Women now are more independent and financially secure so they are able to make their own choices and decisions without having to answer to anyone. Some women want to experience fantasies which they have longed for many years to explore. Others just want to be listened to and heard for a change.

In formulating my questions I headed over to the Aphrodisiac Male Escorts website and noticed that there are no photographs, can you tell us a little about why that is?

The reason we decided not to have photos of our companions is for privacy and discretion. Just as our clients expect the highest levels of confidentiality and discretion from our agency, so to do our companions.

In addition, there are strict laws on what type of photo can be posted. For example, all photos must be above the shoulders. We don’t feel this gives an accurate representation of our escorts. Not having a photo prompts our clients to describe to us the type of companion they would like and enables us to send them their perfect match. So far we’ve had nothing but extremely positive feedback.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us about this journey you have undertaken and your new business?

It has been a long journey for both of us that’s for sure. There have been difficult and confronting circumstances along the way, but we have always believed that the reason we have both got through it confidently is because we have had each other for support through the whole process.

The fun bits are having the pleasure of working together; it’s never a dull moment when we are forced to be in one room. Having the privilege of meeting different types of gentlemen and having quite intimate discussions with them, it’s oh so interesting.

How many women out there would love to work with their best friend, interview beautiful and exotic men and talk about sex and relationships all day. I don’t think anyone would complain. One of my favorite quotes is “Work hard and play harder”.

We work, laugh and share some amazing experiences everyday. We feel very blessed to be able to finally give women a voice and feel empowered in this part of their lives.

We are known as the “Happiness Consultants”!! We have a yearning and passion to place permanent smiles on women’s faces in Australia and eventually the rest of the world.

What does being a woman mean to you?

Being a woman means learning to love yourself first for once in your life, having independence, personal choices and decision making whilst not having to answer to anyone else except yourself. Having the best of both worlds, such as being able to balance both career and family is an amazing achievement. And no women should be told that they are unable or are not allowed to pursue their dreams. If you have a positive outlook on life, and you have a dream you are passionate about don’t give up or look back. The only way is forward and you will succeed.

Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us ladies, it has been truly fascinating.

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