ghd Pink Cherry Blossom Styler

If perfectly straight hair wasn’t incentive enough for you to purchase a ghd, then perhaps supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation will help make your decision.

I have used the word beautiful to describe many things – newborn babies, a bride on her wedding day or a stunning sunset, but this is the first time I have used it when talking about a hair straightener. I literally squealed like a schoolgirl when I saw the Pink Cherry Blossom Styler which was packaged in a black box with a pink floral design, and a matching satin heat resistant bag.

What’s more, the ghd is black with a pink logo and, my favourite – the pink plates.

So, yes it looks amazing and so much prettier than all the other black straighteners on the market. But beauty only gets you so far and eventually you need to have some substance.

pink cherry

When I stopped looking at it and put it to work I was relieved that it has all the features you would expect from a high end, ghd styler. The slim design is suitable for all hair types and uses ceramic heater technology. You have your high heat which results in silky smooth, fast straightening and it comes with a sleep mode.

The Pink Cherry Blossom Styler can be used to create a range of different hairstyles including straight or curls (when you master the technique they look amazing).

And, as mentioned, this is pink for a reason (and not just for my benefit as I can be a little over the top girly) – for every Pink Cherry Blossom styler sold in Australia and New Zealand, $20 is donated to The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation and National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Please be aware of cheap imitations and only purchase from an authorised dealer.

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