Coconut Magic – What is Coconut Oil?

Coconut Oil – two little words which seem to have made quite an impact with people and various media of the late. What is it about this delightfully-smelling oil that people are attracted too?

To help answer this question and to explain Coconut Oil’s many wonders, I’ve called in help from Alison Morgan, the creator and owner of Relauncher, an online shopping destination which includes a range of natural care products, health, well being and lifestyle  items. Relauncher stocks Coconut Magic, a certified organic, raw and un-refined version of coconut oil.

coconut magic

Below are some of the benefits of coconut oil, from Relauncher –

  • Has antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties
  • Is a wonderful oil to cook with due to its ability to withstand high temperatures
  • Can also be used in baking as a substitute for other oils (just be sure to measure in the liquid state of coconut oil – the solid state contains more volume)
  • Is easy to digest, perfect for digestive disorders
  • Protects skin from free-radical damage
  • Boosts energy

Coconut Oil also has numerous external benefits –

  • Makes a lovely, softening body oil
  • Nourishing hair mask (it’s best to shampoo twice after use)
  • Facial, hand and feet moisturiser
  • Make-up remover
  • Lip Balm


(Alison – The Relauncher)

See what a clever oil this is? Many benefits and quite easy to include in one’s daily lifestyle. Alison quotes, “I use approx. 2 TBS of Coconut Magic coconut oil every day.  It gives me energy, stops unnecessary hunger pangs and balances my blood sugar.  It’s mother nature’s elixir.”

“If I ever feel a slump in the afternoon, I have a dandelion tea with a tsp of coconut oil.  It’s a fabulous pick-me-up.  Since I’ve been having coconut oil daily, I don’t experiences these afternoon slumps too often though, which is fabulous”

I’ve personally used coconut oil for beauty and baking purposes for years now and am quite in favour of it. What I would love to know is, do you use this oil? And how so?

RRP – Coconut Magic Coconut Oil retails for $29.95 (on Relauncher it’s currently $25.50) for 500ml

Stockists – Visit to purchase online

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