Profile: Monique Bolland (Alkaline Spa and Clinic)

Monique Bolland is the owner of Alkaline Spa and Clinic, which has an extensive range of treatments including massage therapy, naturopath services and eyebrow styling.

We spoke to Monique about how Alkaline got started and what makes it different:

Where did the idea for Alkaline Spa & Clinic come from?

When I was 23 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, an auto-immune disease with no identifiable cause or cure. This led me on a huge journey of discovery of natural therapies and detoxification; and through my naturopath I learnt that keeping your body in an alkaline state can potentially eliminate health problems that medicine can’t solve.

I discovered for myself the undeniably huge connection between what’s going on inside your body and what’s reflected on the outside, and I wanted to share this with other people. The idea behind Alkaline was to create a space that looked and felt like an up-market day spa, but where the treatments were working on the problems from the inside, not just aesthetically.

What makes this different to a traditional spa?

The focus at Alkaline is to get to the root cause of the problem and treat people from the inside out. We do provide some purely aesthetic and pampering services like facials, but we’ll use organic skin care products and pair that treatment with a series of colonics or a naturopathic detox to keep your skin clear and youthful long after the initial treatment results have worn off.

What has the response been like?

The public response to Alkaline was better than I had imagined. Every year the clients are more and more educated about natural health and alkalinity so the public response to the business is actually getting stronger with time.

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What was the most difficult aspect of opening the spa back in the beginning stages?

Getting the right mix of staff – they are everything in this industry, and I think in business in general. I think one of the main reasons Alkaline has done so well is that the staff personify the brand. They make our clients feel comfortable and looked after, and they live and breathe everything that we believe in and do. I have been very lucky with my practitioners and therapists but finding them all was not an easy task!

Who is Alkaline most suited to?

Alkaline is most suited to people who generally want to feel better, without waiting until they get sick to do something about it.

We see detox as a form of preventative medicine, and our treatments are most suited to those that understand that. While some of our treatment do produce instant results (like facials for a visible skin pick me up, or colonics to reduce abdominal bloating), lasting results come from a committed program that works by getting to the root of the problem, getting things back in balance internally, and aiding your body to fix itself naturally.

What treatment is your personal favourite?

My favourite Alkaline treatment tends to vary depending on the weather, and what’s going on in my life. At the end of the day, I hand picked every treatment that we offer because o I love them all equally! At the moment I’m really into my Endermologie, a full body mechanical massage-like treatment for cellulite reduction and body shaping. It works by detoxing the body, increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage in ‘problem’ areas. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, the treatment itself is so relaxing I’d do it every day if I could!

Name three beauty products you can’t live without…

1. My Sodashi Calming Rose Facial Mist – perfect to keep you skin fresh and hydrated throughout the day, or on long flights.
2. My ‘Good Green Stuff’ – a once a day nutritional supplement from NuZest containing all the essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants that your body needs to look and feel healthy. I take it every day without fail.
3. Emergin C Vitamin C and Retinol mask (nicknamed the ‘Hot Date Mask’). When I don’t have time to go into Alkaline for a facial, and my skin is looking lacklustre, I pop this mask on at home for 15 minutes and my skin looks brand new.

And your number one health and wellbeing tip is?

My number one health tip is to just listen to your body. We see too many people come in with digestive troubles, hormonal troubles, skin problems – all because they’ve overdone it, and they know they’ve overdone it but haven’t paid attention to all the signs. Sometimes it’s too much stress at work, or partying too much, or just not getting enough sleep – but whatever it is, listen to the little signals from your body that something’s out of balance and slow down before you get sick. Don’t just go to the pharmacy and get a cream or a pill to take away the symptoms.

What’s next for Monique and the Alkaline Spa and Clinic?

The end of this year will see us rolling out a different way of treating customers. We’re putting together programs that incorporate a bit of everything we do – treatments, home care, naturopathic advice and clinical testing – to address health and wellbeing issues from a completely holistic view.

Where are you located?

We’re in the hub of Potts Point, Sydney right on Macleay Street, set back from the street in a quiet arcade.

What does being a woman mean to you?

Having the right to change your mind. Constantly and frequently.

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