There’s much more to Mohdoh then an intriguing sounding name and appearance, what we have here is a rather savvy idea for aromatherapy that also involves colour and play therapy.

So how exactly does Mohdoh be of benefit to me, you ask? Well it’s all rather cleverly simple, you choose a Mohdoh that will be of best suited to you and you knead the dough – kneading being the most valuable (and fun!) part. While you’re kneading your colourful ball, the essential oils are inhaled and absorbed into your skin.


There are 9 Mohdoh’s to pick from and are suitable for all ages (although I dearly hope children won’t be needing the Slim or Quit) –

– Calm – to help relax the mind and body

– Breathe – to help provide relief while sick from sniffily colds

– Travel – to help encourage relaxation while travelling

– Think –  to help sharpen your mind and improve focus

– Unwind –  to help you to regain a quiet peace of mind

– Slim – to help distract your mind from those pesky cravings

– Sleep – to relax and calm your busy mind before rest

– Quit – to curb the cigarette cravings and occupy your hands

– Headeez – to soothe, calm and relax


Each brightly coloured dough has been formulated with essential oils that have been certified organic by Ecocert and the dough is completely non-toxic and safe for children. (Little ones under three need to be supervised while using)

If you’re in a frenzy of excitement over Mohdoh, then read on below for stockist details.

RRP – Each mound retails for $14.95 and has a shelf life of 3 months

Stockists – Mohdoh is available nationally through selected pharmacies and health food stores or online at

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