Interview with Vani-T’s Tania Walsh

Summer is very nearby and one of the necessities of Summer for some people involves tanning. Now we all hopefully know by now that sun-tanning is a no-no but that needn’t mean you tan-loving-people go without. Today I have for you an interview with Tania Walsh, the owner of Vani-T. Vani-T specialises in mineral makeup and tanning products that are completely safe and nurturing for your skin. Read on below to find out more.

Congratulations on having such a successful brand! You’ve been in the beauty industry for quite a few years now, what made you decide to embrace the natural side?

Thanks so much. Yes, I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 20 years now and have always been an advocate for natural and organic beauty. The idea for the brand came from trying to source a natural based spray tanning product.  After testing products from around the world, I couldn’t find anything so I designed a product that didn’t contain all the harsh chemicals, at the same time addressing any issues with self tanning in general – smell, colour, fade. After 26 attempts to get it perfect, our first product Liquid Sun was born.

What are some of the dangers that un-natural fake tans can bring?

A woman will use approximately 9 different personal care products in their morning routine, exposing themselves to around 120 different chemicals. With the skin being the largest organ of the body, some of these harsh chemicals can enter the bloodstream, cause skin irritation, dryness or allergic reactions. Choosing a faux tanning product with ingredients of natural origin ensures your skin is nourished and fed with natural oils and botanicals which the skin loves.

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What makes your range of tanning products different from other natural ones on the market?

We were the first company in the world to launch a spray tanning product without harsh chemicals, such as parabens, glycols.  We designed the product so that it was a skin treatment and sunless tan in one product, with skin firming and anti aging ingredients which was also the first of its kind on the market.

Our formulas are world renown to give a perfect just–off-the-beach colour which is true to life and fades 80% better than other faux tans on the market. There is no odor or tell tale orange tones when using our products.

What is the best positive feedback that you receive from your customers?

Generally it’s the true to life deep brown tones our tans provide and the way it fades like a real tan.  We always receive feedback about how deep and natural the colour is, how long it lasts and how great their skin feels.

What is the best way to prepare the skin for use of tanning products?

Preparation is everything!  The best way to achieve a flawless faux tan is to ensure skin is exfoliated well so you are starting out with a perfect canvas.  Then it’s important to choose the best shade for your skin type – always choose a product that will accentuate your skin tone, don’t overdo it to the point that it looks unnatural. Caring for your tan is also important so make sure your skin is well hydrated, and that you drink plenty of water.  Avoid long exposure to water such as baths, pools and spas which will make your tan fade faster than it should.


Your products are known for their hydrating properties, can you tell us about some of the nourishing ingredients you include?

Some of the ingredients we use include Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Argan Oil, Macadamia Oil, Glycerine and Allantoin.  We also use a lot of Australian botanicals such as Kakadu Plum, Quandong extract, and Cehami.

Earlier this year saw the release of your Rapid Tan – would you care to explain to us a little more about this?

Using a rapid tan means you can shower after 1 hour, rather than the usual 8-10 hours.  It is perfect for people who live busy lifestyles.  Ingredients are specially chosen to ensure rapid development whist still achieving the ultimate in colour depth and tone.

What is your favourite part of your job?

The creative side is my favourite… I love researching and developing new products-choosing formulas, packaging, names and imagery, then launching them and hearing the positive feedback from our customers.  It is a very fulfilling and exciting experience.

Where do you think Vani-T will be in 5 years time?

Within 5 years I see Vani-T expanding to new markets and growing in countries where we are already established. Our aim is to always be at the forefront of trends and formulations. We are currently working on some line extensions and some exciting new product ranges so watch this space!

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