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It seems that there are a few glowing pregnant ladies in my social and familial circle at the moment and they make me remember the discomfort of my big belly and the strain of carrying the extra weight, so it was very fortuitous timing that I received an email about the Upsie Belly. I was fortunate enough to ask creator Lori Caden some questions about the product and I urge all pregnant ladies to take a look.

Can you tell us a little about the Belly Bandit company and how it came about?

As the old adage goes: Necessity is the mother of invention. In this case, that mother was me. In 2005, I was buying cat food when a store employee offered to carry my load because I was pregnant, a nice gesture for a pregnant woman. “I gave birth last week!” I screamed. I was able to utilize my infrastructure from my merchandising company, Caden Concepts, to develop a product. We had a vision that would revolutionize the body after baby marketplace by helping new moms get their pre-baby bellies back quickly. By the time my second child was born, I had created the Belly Bandit® along with my two partners in crime, my sisters, Jodi and Kari. Since we all three have various strengths, we played on those and worked together synergetically.

The Belly Bandit® was designed with the expert help of top OBGYN, Dr. Jay Goldberg. Using his medical background and  understanding of the body’s post-partum process, the band was designed to help bind and shrink the stomach after giving birth. We really wanted a doctor on board to help the process and the goals we wanted to achieve.

I first tested it on myself after I gave birth to my son Chase. “In just three days after giving birth, my stomach was noticeably flatter! Within six weeks I was back down to my pre-pregnancy size, It was a staggering difference from the eight months it took me the first time around with my daughter Charlee! I knew I had a product all of my pregnant friends would want to take advantage of and on Mother’s Day of 2008, Belly Bandit® was born.

After the first quarter of sales, the company was in the green. It wasn’t long before a partnership was formed with then pregnant star, Kourtney Kardashian and the first Limited Edition Belly Bandit® was developed. “When I got pregnant, one of the first things my friends with kids told me was “buy a Belly Bandit®!” said Kardashian. “I was thrilled to get to design my own Belly Bandit®.”

To build on the success of the Bandit, we began expanding the product lines and soon the Mother Tucker™ Compression Tanks were on the market along with nursing tanks, pants and a variety of different Belly Bandit® styles. What I found was that we were not just selling belly wraps: we were selling confidence as well. “Belly Bandit®’s Mother Tucker™ Compression Tank gave me the support and confidence I needed to get back into my pre-baby clothes,” said Christina Applegate who was set to star in a new NBC sitcom
shortly after giving birth for the first time.

The new product is the Upsie Belly, can you tell us a little about it please.

It’s the one that we can hardly keep in stock! It’s an amazing piece that seems to give women a lift! Literally and figuratively.

Its made out of ultra soft Bamboo from viscose and some of the amazing benefits are:
Adds back, hips and abdominal support
Helps increase circulation and blood flow
Eases sciatic, back and leg pain
Helps to minimize stretch marks
Helps to relieve bladder discomfort
Has 12″ of adjustability to grow with your belly
Decreases varicose veins, hernias and hemorrhoids.
Aids in post hysterectomy recovery

Another great feature, you get 2 BANDS in one – it works DOUBLE duty! – use it after you deliver for added comfort and relief. Simply turn the belt around and fasten it in the back so the hot and cold pack lays over your healing belly (amazing for menstrual cramps as well).


What makes the Upsie Belly stand out from others on the market?

I think the fact that it doesn’t dig in when you sit is huge, that was a big complaint we heard from women. So we started construction with carefully thought out fabrics. Our favorite function is the secret pocket in the back – which fits our hot/cold pack which eases back pain, leg pains and sciatic pain. The hot/cold pack is also malleable so it bends with you, it will never be like a stick of ice!

Where did the idea for the Upsie Belly come from?

Belly Bandit customers are amazing, they come to us for everything that is lacking on the market. We listen closely because they are a true barometer of what the marketplace needs. The need was simple, a support band that covered more needs of pregnant women.

How did you go about designing the Upsie Belly?

We really designed around the interior pocket housing the hot/cold pack and the materials which are Bamboo from viscose, the rest all fell into place!

How were the materials used in the Upsie Belly chosen?

We choose all of our materials and fabrics based on what we would want to wear, there is no skimping! If it’s against the body it needs to be ultra soft and extremely comfortable.

When is the best time to use the Upsie Belly?

Once you start feeling any back, leg, sciatic pen or even when your belly starts getting large enough that you are feeling discomfort.

Can it still be worn after you have your baby?

We love to say that this band “works double duty” – after you wear during pregnancy, simply flip it over and fasten it in the back to lay the hot/cold over your healing belly! SO yes, it can.

This brand was born in America, how did you go about expanding the brand internationally?

It was more of a demand, women are great communicators and the web has made it easy for women to discuss great products that work. In the world of pregnancy and maternity women seem to share the most information regarding products, good or bad.It spreads very organically and before we know it or we even land in retailers women know and want our products. We had retailers calling from hundreds of countries before we even started marketing the line. It was simply incredible to see. This is a huge validation for us and of course a true testament to word of mouth! Belly Bandit® is available in approximately 1000 retailers and close to 80 countries, we have a long list of die-hard fans and celebrity customers which also help to push the brand world wide.

Are there any other new products in the works you can tell us about?

Oh YES, many great products in the works. My favorite..not your grannies panties (as a matter of fact they are on my bum right now)

What does being a woman mean to you?

Being a woman, a mom, a wife and a boss is empowering. By sheer nature it’s in our DNA to be the nurturer to our kids, the teacher, a wife, the motivator and protector and of course the list can go on and on. I am a multi-tasker to the n-th degree, So I juggle a lot but at the same time I love having all these responsibilities. Like my father told all 3 of his girls growing up, you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to.


Thank you for taking the time out to talk with us Lori, and I will definitely be pointing my friends and family in the direction of the Upsie Belly!


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