FitFlop Leather Slings

Shoe brand FitFlop have released some new styles for summer and I’ve been lucky enough to try the Leather Slings in Tan.

FitFlops are unique as they have special Microwobbleboard™ midsoles. What this means is they help to tone your legs while you walk AND they relieve the pressure on your feet, so they are perfect for girls on the go – or those with foot problems. Take a look at their website to find out more about the Microwobbleboard technology.

leather slings

I love that you can pop these shoes on and they are comfortable straight away. There is no “wear in” period and I didn’t get any rubbing or blisters – to me this is a sign of a good walking shoe!

Being comfortable is one thing, and with two little ones on the move it is quite an important factor for me, but I also like my shoes to look good. I think that is one of the biggest selling points of the FitFlop brand, they really show that comfy doesn’t have to mean ugly!


The Leather Slings are a refreshing summer design, they look like a dressier version of thongs and their is a subtle pop of orange near the toes which gives them a young, carefree look. These can be worn with absolutely everything, for spring I have been wearing them with jeans but they also work with shorts or a casual summer dress.

For me these Leather Slings win over any other summer flats in my wardrobe, their ability to be matched with any outfit and the fact you can wear them all day without issue has me sold!

The FitFlop Leather Slings have an RRP of $159.95

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