Phyt’s Naturo-Esthetique Mascara and Eye Pencil

Let’s face it, choosing a natural mascara and eyeliner can be an annoyingly tricky thing. I have tried many before – mascara particularly- and finding one that isn’t too runny, clumpy or doesn’t smudge when you so much as blink seemed quite impossible. It’s a maddening world of natural cosmetics out there, with new brands popping up frequently to confuse us even more.

My most recent findings come from a notable French brand, Phyt’s Naturo-Esthetique. The fact that it’s French was enough to capture and intrigue my curiosity, when I think “French” an image of all things luxurious and sophisticated come to mind, which I truly appreciate.

Phyt's Multi Mascara

I can tell you many wonderful things about Phyt’s, but we’ll settle with just a few.

Jean-Paul Llopart is the founder of Phyt’s

He is a Naturopath and Biologist

Phyt’s was created 40 years ago and continues to grow in popularity

It isn’t just make-up that Phyt’s produce for your benefits, you have a range of facial/body/baby skin care to indulge yourself with

In 2003, Phyt’s became officially certified organic by ECOCERT, so you know what you’re putting on your skin is really organic, not some wish-wash brand making plain claims

One thing I’ve learnt from using the Multi Effects Mascara is that you must wait for it to dry in-between applications, it’s rather wet and a little on the runnier side – so patiently waiting is a must. I’m willing to bet the runniness comes from the concoction of oils used in the mixture, being a lover of oils I was most excited to discover this contained jojoba, sesame and macadamia, 3 lovely oils known for their nourishing properties. Along with natural waxes and honey, (which offers the mascara a sweet scent, not that having pleasant-smelling eyelashes is a necessary thing) you’re providing your lashes with a glamorous treat.

Phyt's Eye Pencil Brown

The Eyeliner Pencil is just as good as the mascara, using shea butter, castor and sunflower oils to produce a creamy texture that glides on effortlessly, no chance here of stabbing yourself repeatedly whilst applying.

RRP – The Multi Effects Mascara retails for $38

The Eye Pencil retails for $20

Stockists – PHYT’S Organic Skin Care products are available at Quality Beauty Salons, Health Retreats & Spa Resorts across Australia. You can also purchase online

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