Benefit How to Look the Best At Everything

When I opened the How to Look the Best At Everything kit I was pleasantly surprised that it contained minis of all of my favourite Benefit face products.

The packaging resembles a book, and when you open it up you will find the following products:

The POREfessional

This is a recent addition to my makeup routine, it’s a special balm created to visibly minimise pores. If you want to find out more you can read my full review here: The POREfessional. This mini is 7.5mls and you do only need to use a small amount each time.

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow

This is your liquid foundation with so much more. It is oil free and contains SPF and gives you a brightening effect. I reviewed this too (I told you these were all my favourites), you can read my thoughts here: Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow.



Boi-ing is a hard working concealer which can cover just about any imperfection you throw at it. The kit has two shades of boi-ing, I have the light version in front of me which has 01 and 02. You can read my review here: Boi-ing

Hello Flawless Powder

So this is one product I haven’t done a full write up on, but that’s not to say I’m not a fan. I have used it and it takes away all the redness while smoothing your complexion. You can use this with your foundation or on its own – both options have their merits! This also comes with a brush for easy application.

In addition to these must have products, the kit also comes with a tips and tricks booklet and mirror. This is a great way to try all of these bestselling Benefit products without the commitment of full sized containers.

Available in a variety of shades, the How to Look the Best At Everything kit has an RRP of $55 and the stockist number is (02) 8353 5000.


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