The Bright Side – Meiko

Meiko is an American singer-songwriter who recently released her second album The Bright Side.

The Bright Side is aptly named as bright is exactly what it is. At the time of writing the album she was in love and in a good place, and it shows in the songs she has written for the album.

Love is the recurring theme through this upbeat album, the majority of the tracks are about falling in love and the myriad of feelings it brings. Leave a Light On and Real Real Sweet take a look from a different angle, that of the secret affair, but it’s still all love. There’s also the heartbreak song in Good Looking Loser.


Meiko blends folk-pop beautifully with electronic beats and through it all her sweet voice carries you away. Everyone who has ever been in love will be able to relate to the bulk of this 11 track album, and after a couple of listen throughs the catchiest tracks will work their way into your head and take up residence.

There are some great lyrics, some amusing lyrics and then there’s the poppy filler noises but all of it melds to produce a happy, upbeat listening experience whether it’s a background soundtrack or a toe tapping sing-a-long.

Jimmy Messer (Kelly Clarkson and Neon Trees), Greg Collins and Styrofoam (The Postal Service, Of Montreal, Jimmy Eats World) produced this album, with help from Meiko.

Track Listing

1. Stuck On You
2. I’m In Love
3. When The Doors Close
4. Thinking Too Much
5. Leave The Lights On
6. Lie To Me
7. I’m Not Sorry
8. Let It Go
9. Real Real Sweet
10. Good Looking Loser
11. I Wonder

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