The Promised Land

Alawar has recently released a new strategy game to entertain and excite the intrepid explorer. Control your colonists to build a bustling new empire in this uncharted territory.

You arrive with 5 colonists in a deserted land and it’s up to you to direct the growth of your colony. Buy new colonists to gather food, build required facilities, work said facilities and trade with the old world, while always exploring new terrain.

The graphics are vibrant and detailed, gameplay moves at a reasonable pace and the interface is well set out. This is a game that will suck you in and eat the hours as you try to get a routine happening, keeping everyone productively employed and happy while advancing game play to open up new areas.

promised land

You need to employ your colonists and keep everything moving forward at all times. Buying more colonists is a great idea, as long as you have somewhere for them to live so maybe don’t get too many in too quick. This is a game you need to always keep the balance in mind. You need to build and you need to grow but if you try to do one too quick you’ll lose your way, your colony has to be large enough to support your colonists and you need to have enough colonists to grow your colony – it’s a fine line.

The soundtrack is pleasant enough, not that I listened for long, but it wasn’t mind-numbing and annoying which is sometimes the case. The characters have been given cute little personality traits to let you know you are doing the right thing and you really need to keep an eye on it because if you’re colonists aren’t happy in the jobs they’ve been given they will become unproductive and even unwell.

There is an in-game, onscreen tutorial to help you keep on top of where you should be at and how to keep the game moving forward which is always helpful, and there is a mini game along the lines of angry birds where you get to take on the pirates.

The Promised Land is engaging casual gaming with over 24 hours of gameplay to complete the game, the literature says there is complete freedom of play which is true but there is also an order in which things need to be done to progress the game and over 50 characters to bring to your colony.

Bright, fun and entertaining – to get your free demo head to: The Promised Land

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