The Amazing Spiderman

Marvel comic Spiderman has been re-imagined for the big screen once again; this time Marc Webb is sitting in the directors chair and British hottie Andrew Garfield takes the torch from Tobey Maguire as Spiderman.

This movie set records in America for it’s opening day box office takings, especially considering it opened on the Tuesday before Independence Day. I will be interested to see how it fares in Australia, it opened in cinemas nationwide Thursday the 5th.

The Sam Raimi trilogy was record breaking but when the original fourth movie was cancelled the franchise returned to the beginning, with a new storyline.

Check out this video for more information about the movie, the opening day takings and the big changes from the previous trilogy.

A new Spiderman, a new story – personally I think that’s as it should be because I find it very difficult to get into a character if I am familiar with them as someone else. In The Amazing Spiderman we go back to high school with Peter Parker/Spiderman and see him investigating his personal history and the disappearance of his parents.

I have been doing some investigating of my own and discovered some interesting trivia; the one piece I find it hardest to come to terms with – the absence of Mary-Jane Watson as Peter’s love interest. Instead we have the blond Emma Stone playing Gwen Stacy.

The snippets shown in this video are enough to pique my interest and I look forward to finding out for myself what the combination of Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield will do for the franchise.

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