Musq Cosmetics 2 in 1 Eyeshadows

Musq Cosmetics have created a little pot of wonder amongst their range of prettily packaged products – this being the mineral 2 in 1 eye shadow collection. You are presented with a full range of flattering colours to pick from – blues to browns, plums to pinks – and each can be used either wet or dry (adding a touch of water adds for a look of intensity)

So why is it labelled “2 in 1” you ask? Isn’t it merely just a simple eye shadow? Well these eye shadows come with a touch of versatility – they needn’t just be used on the eyes – the pink, brown and plum shades can also double as a blush or bronzer – now isn’t that clever!


I was generously given a range of colour samples to play with – Sardinia Blusher, Morocco Bronzer, Musq Pink (my favourite pick – a lovely, subtle petal pink) Blue Topaz and Rubelitte. The colours are easy to build and go on with ease. Each of these powders has good pigment – a little goes a long way when using and they have long lasting application.

Completely natural and suitable for sensitive eyes, these little gems even contain zinc, for added sun protection.

RRP – The Mineral 2 in 1 Eye shadows retail for $27

The Blush and Bronzers are $55

Stockists – Visit for stockist details.

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