Interview: Laura Tinnelly (Inamity)

Laura Tinnelly, one half of acoustic duo Inamity, has a successful marketing career and is now revisiting another passion of hers, music. Her marketing career has given her more knowledge of product promotion and she wanted to come talk to us, I’m honoured!

So here’s what I learned about Laura Tinnelly and her passion for music.

What made you decide to change paths and become a part of Inamity?

I used to perform a lot growing but I parked the music to concentrate on building a career. I always missed it though – and now I feel I’ve built enough of a professional profile to pick music back up again, without compromising my marketing career or overcommitting myself and burning out. In fact, it’s lovely to have my own project to channel my energy, skills and abilities into.


You spent years marketing everyone else, has that changed your approach to the publicity for Inamity?

I think it makes me a) more strategic in terms of target markets, channels to market and my approach to business development b) more innovative in terms of identifying and creating unique avenues to promote our product c) Fussier! Everything has to be PERFECT. Marty (my guitarist), sits there rolling his eyes and laughing at me as I stomp my feet and demand to do things for the fifth time…

Can you tell us a bit about Inamity?

I noticed that there was a lack of event acts of an intimate nature so I decided to start up my own. Inamity is an acoustic duo specialising in functions and events; including weddings, corporate events and private parties, but we also do regular gigs with boutique entertainment venues such as restaurants, hotels, wine bars, music cafes and wineries.

Where did the name come from?

A brainstorming session with a couple of girlfriends over a few glasses of wine kick-started the creative process. We were looking for words that would reflect the intimate and unique nature of our act, but couldn’t find any that would suffice… being a typical marketer I combined a couple of words to make up my own. Amity meaning “friendship or harmony between individuals or groups”, Inamity: To be “in harmony” or “a peaceful arrangement”. When in doubt, make it up.

Why should we book you for a function, what do you have to offer that is unique?

My voice is pretty distinctive and we’re flexible enough to adapt to the style our clients are looking for, while still presenting an offering that is original. Even our cover tracks are uniquely arranged and have our own “inamity” feel to them. We always deliver a great performance – something I feel very passionate about. It may be a gig for us, but for the client it can be a once-in-lifetime event.


How would you describe your sound?

Inamity has a unique sound; mixing folk, rock, classical, jazz and pop tones.

What goals do you have for Inamity?

At the moment, I’m just happy to be back out performing. We’re enjoying the ride and will see where it takes us.

Who can book Inamity?

Anyone – we’re available for all types of events and for regular gigs too.

How do we book?

You can go through our website

What area do you service?

We cater for events all over Australia and New Zealand

What’s next for Inamity?

Writing an album of our own originals and hopefully releasing an E.P.

And this one’s for you Laura, what does being a woman mean to you?

To me, for my generation, it means a life of colour and choice.

I think feminism and associated movements have actually resulted in me having more choice and feeling less pressure to conform to a specific mould in comparison to my boyfriend, male colleagues, brothers.

I can be a breadwinner or a stay-at-home mum, creative or analytical, flaky or sharp, rich or poor and not feel that I am being judged or held to the same standards of society that men are.

As a man I think there are more powerful stereotypes, and fewer categories to fit in to. You must be a breadwinner, you must be successful, and you must look like you go to the gym every day. Look at the difference between a woman’s corporate wardrobe and that of a man’s – the choice of colours, patterns, cuts and the styles of a woman’s. Notice how many support groups and forums there are for women these days. You don’t really hear of ‘business dudes’ or ‘men in business’.

I have a very dry sense of humour, and I also think I get away with making comments that my male colleagues perhaps couldn’t or more to the point, wouldn’t pull off.

Women have options, and I think it’s more black and white in a man’s world.

Thanks for talking the time to talk to us Laura, it’s been a pleasure

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