Drawn From Bees

Drawn From Bees are Brisbane art rockers basing their music on a love of literature and epic narratives, some of their musical influences include Pink Floyd, David Bowie, The Who and The Flaming Lips.

May 18th will see the release of the latest Drawn From Bees single titled ‘The Ballad of Running Bear’. This is the Drawn From Bees version of star-crossed lovers inspired by the Big Bopper/Jonny Preston tune ‘Running Bear’ from the 1950’s, it tells the story of Running Bear and Little White Dove who plunge into a raging river rather than live a life apart.

The accompanying video clip is directed by Anthony Salsone and will capture you until the very last frame, and I’m not going to say any more about it than that. You can go check it out on YouTube for yourself.

Drawn From Bees

The Ballad of Running Bear comes from the highly anticipated and long awaited album The May King and His Paper Crown, now slated for a September 2012 release. The album brings together separate stories that combine to make an epic tale of lust, power, treachery and unrequited love.

To help celebrate the release of the single Drawn From Bees are going to host a mini movie marathon on their website. The first of eight installments can be seen from May 21st, the remaining seven will become available through the coming weeks.

The eight installment mini marathon consists of live recordings and guerilla style video clips filmed by the band. A 1920’s silent film inspired movie for ‘English Line’ is the movie to mark the beginning of the marathon and I know that I will be there to check it out because that just sounds too intriguing to miss.

The Ballad of Running Bear is released on iTunes May 18th

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