The Five Year Engagement

A comedy about the journey between popping the question, and tying the knot.

It’s about time we had a new, lovable romantic comedy – and a movie that sounds like it could hit the spot is The Five Year Engagement. Take your bestie or your partner for date night and get your giggle on.


Starring Emily Blunt as Violet and funnyman Jason Segel as Tom, the story goes a little something like this – a couple get engaged, but life keeps interrupting their impending trip down the aisle.

This may even hit a little close to home, I know quite a few couples who have been engaged for what feels like an eternity!

The following featurette will give you a glimpse at what you should expect:

If you cried with laughter like I did when you saw Bridesmaids, you will be pleased to know this movie comes from the same producer. Expectations are high.

Will Tom and Violet make it down the aisle? Put this on your watch list to find out!

The Five Year Engagement is in cinemas now.

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