Lunchskins – an interesting name for a company I’m sure you’re thinking, so what exactly are they? To answer your thoughts, Lunchskins are environmentally friendly sandwich and snack bags that come in many bright and wonderful designs, perfect for babies, children, teenagers and adults.

Lunchskins was conceived when three mothers were alarmed to discover that in the US alone there is an estimated 20 million plastic sandwich bags used everyday and wanting the best environmentally friendly solution for their children, Lunchskins was born.

Made from a unique high-quality thick cotton, Lunchskins are very strong and durable, won’t leak, are moisture and grease proof and completely safe to pop in the dishwasher.


There are seven fun designs to choose from, the Garden Series Flower Berry being my favourite (but of course, it’s pink!) and each bag is guaranteed –

  • Heat resistance – you can safely wash them in your dishwasher
  • The fabric is of German origin, made in the USA using existing manufacturing plants which reduce carbon emission
  • Completely sturdy with double stitched seams
  • Food safe fabric is used
  • Cotton fabric is light and will dry quickly
  • No harmful lead, BPA or phthalates
  • Each one is tightly secured with Velcro, which is easy for little ones to open
  • Save money from purchasing plastic bags
  • Large space included to write name on

Lunchskins needn’t just be used as food storage – you can also use them to store cosmetics or be used as a handy icepack, simple crush some ice cubes and place in bag.

RRP – Snack Bags $12.95 Sandwich Bags $14.95 Sub Bags $17.95

Stockists – Pay a visit to  for information about purchase

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