Hamilton Sponsor our Athletes with Sunscreen

The 2012 Olympic games are nearly here (how did that one sneak up on us?!) and our athletes will be going to London to compete.

To support them in the best way they know how, Australian brand Hamilton is supporting our home grown Aussie athletes with an unlimited supply of sunscreen for the games.

Hamilton are the official, exclusive sunscreen sponsor to the Australian Olympic Team for the London Olympics and will be protecting them from the sun’s rays.

Hamilton Quadblock

The selected product from the range is the Quadblock, this is already popular with athletes due to being heavy duty, sweat resistant (and there is sure to be a lot of sweat), and broad spectrum.

Now I’ve written two sunscreen posts in one week, while I sit here freezing at my desk due to this cold weather!

And I was going to wrap this up with a clever pun, but my lack of sporting knowledge has prevented that from happening!

So….Go team Australia!

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