Farm Up (iPhone / iPad)

I’ve been dabbling in farm life the last few days with the game Farm Up for iPhone. I have in app purchases switched off so I like to see how far I can get in a game without having to buy gems or additional items. With a little patience I haven’t hit that blockage just yet…so far I’ve been able to purchase everything I need without spending real dollars.

There are a lot of farm games around, and I am not usually one who will stick with them but this does have plenty of good points. This has enough objectives and tasks that it has become a good little time waster.

farm up i phone

There are animals to care for and plants to grow and harvest, plus buildings to purchase and restore. The main character is Jennifer but as time goes by she is joined by other members of her family like her husband and grandpa who help with some of the tasks.

This is set in the 30’s and even on the small screen of a phone the graphics are quite good. The game is from Realore and you can find Farm Up in the app store now.

You can’t play with your friends or post to Facebook – personally this is something I like because I’m a quiet (and occassional) gamer.

If I can just work out how to turn off the push notifications (yes I’ve turned them off in my phone settings but they insist on popping up) I will continue to play for a while longer.

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