Presently there are many new and exciting companies jumping on the all-natural skin care bandwagon but Apivita has stood the test of time and has been around since 1979, making it the first natural cosmetic company in Greece, promoting health and beauty through effective, natural and holistic products.

Apivita (meaning the life of the bee) was created by two budding pharmacists, Nikos and Niki Koutsianas. After discovering they both shared a true passion for nature, they were married and together created Apivita, using bee products and natural herbs.

I’ve had two of Apivita’s spiffy products to test out, one being the Wine Elixir Anti-wrinkle Eye and Lip Cream (and yes – it really contains red wine!) and the Eco Bio Baby Kids Hair and Body Wash, the latter having been tested by a recently-turned 11 year old, whom firmly states that he is not a child, he is a pre-teen.

The Wine Elixir Anti-wrinkle Eye and Lip Cream (quite a mouthful) was designed for people who concern over anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and puffy and tired eyes. As stated by the people at Apivita – “Red wine reduces the number, depth and length of even the deepest wrinkles”. The texture of this cream has an indulgently rich feel to it, it helps to bring moisture to the delicate eye area and instantly appears to refresh and soften the look of fine lines.

Browsing through the ingredients list when I first received the product, I was quite impressed. Along with containing red wine, you will also find – Beeswax, Lupine (known for increasing skins elasticity) Oat Lecithin, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Grape Oil and Green Tea infusion.

apivita products

Moving onto the Eco Bio Baby Kids Hair and Body Wash, this adorably cute and somewhat disturbingly pictured bottle is perfect for little ones or anyone who suffers from sensitive skin. It contains numerous ingredients that sensitive skins will love – honey, calendula, lavender and moisturising wheat proteins.

I’ve been informed by the pre-teen 11 year old that he “really likes this, because it doesn’t sting his eyes and creates bubbles” This particular 11 year old also suffers from eczema, the Apivita body wash has done nothing to aggravate this.

RRP – Anti-wrinkle Eye and Lip Cream retails for $74.90 and the Hair and Body Wash for $29.90 for 200ml.

Stockists – Apivita can be purchased from the official website, where you’ll also find stockist information http://www.apivita.com/au OR you can give them a call on 1300 274 848


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