Anxiety – Ladyhawke

Anxiety is the second Ladyhawke studio album, and it’s due for release on the 25th of May, after numerous delays and setbacks actually getting it on the shelves. The album was recorded in 2011 with co-writer and producer Pascal Gabriel.

The first single was Black, White and Blue released on January 24, 2012 so the material has been out and about for a while and had time to collect a following. It has also already been remixed.

Anxiety is a darker album than her debut, it is less pop more rock and retains the catchy tunes that captured the attention of many with her debut.


There seems to be more depth, in the instrumentation and the vocals if not the lyrics. Anxiety doesn’t seem like it’s going to be quite the dancefloor filler that her debut album was but it is still destined to get the toes tapping and the head bobbing. It’s almost more laid back, less frenzied than the debut.

Anxiety is a sophomore album that could eclipse the debut, but only time will tell. I have had the album on repeat for days and with each listen I am picking up more meaning in the lyrics, reading more in the imagery and actually taking away more enjoyment. It’s an album that I think will take quite a bit to get sick of.

This is a follow up album that has broadened directions rather than just sticking with a formula that worked first time round. It is only quite a short album at 10 songs and a little over 36 minutes, but they are quality songs and not just filler to bump the numbers – and I know what I would prefer.

An album I enjoyed a lot more than I expected I would.

Track Listing

01. Girl Like Me
02. Sunday Drive
03. Black White & Blue
04. Vaccine
05. Blue Eyes
06. Vanity
07. The Quick & The Dead
08. Anxiety
09. Cellophane
10. Gone Gone Gone

For more info or to preview the tracks head over and check her out at:

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