Out of Sight, Out of Time

Author: Ally Carter
ISBN: 978-0-78344-1240-9
RRP: $16.99

Out of Sight, Out of Time is Gallagher Girls #5 and also my introduction to the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women.

I came in on the 5th book so have missed quite a bit of the action, but that means I didn’t have to wait 2yrs between books 4 and 5.

It took me a little while to get my head around what was happening in the first few chapters because I had no idea what had happened in the first 4 books, but I didn’t have to wait in desperate anticipation for the resolution of the cliffhanger book 4 ended on. And I think the missing season between books may have caused some confusion anyway.

The writing style is witty, fast-paced and action packed. The format is interesting and entertaining. The book grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. I went off to lunch today throwing behind me a ‘see you in 90 pages’ rather than half an hour, and it was a STRUGGLE to put it down to go back to work because I didn’t quite make 90 pages but I did get through 40.

out of sight, out of time

If you like your heroine smart and sassy as well as strong and stubborn then you are sure to find a Gallagher Girl to fall in love with. The high school seniors at the centre of the storyline are best friends and room-mates, not to mention a perfectly matched team with complementing skills.

Cammie is the focal point of this novel, and possibly the series but I couldn’t say for sure, as she wakes up in a convent in the Alps with no memory of how she got there or how long she may have been there.

The Gallagher Academy is known as a school for exceptionally bright young women but what is kept extremely quiet is the fact that it is an exclusive spy school teaching the next generation of talented young girls all they need to know to become successful secret agents.

That should be a pretty good clue to the pace as  Cammie races the clock, and the secret society trying to get their hands on her, to uncover the memories that have to still be somewhere in her head.

Cammie is a good student, a good agent in training and a good friend but sometimes her loyalties get a little skewed as she tries to make sure none of the people she loves get hurt.

Scattered through the book are Cammie’s Pros and Cons lists relating to some of her experiences as well as to-do lists and even a couple of Covert Operations Reports to break up the narrative and give us a different perspective. There are also some observational exercises Cammie puts herself through to stay alert.

Through it all these are still a group of high school seniors, yes they are extremely intelligent and well trained and Cammie can apparently kill a man with her bare hands in 7 separate ways, but they are still high school girls and there are still the ordinary, every girl issues that Cammie and her friends have to deal with. These super smart, teen-spies still suffer the same jealousies and insecurities of every teenager the world over.

I may have missed the events that lead Cammie, Bex, Liz, Macey and even Zach to this point but I am really looking forward to finding out what Carter has in store for them next.

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