Kit Nail Strips in Pink Parade

Back to nail appliques, and this time it was all about Kit’s limited edition Nail Strips in Pink Parade. These are a little different to the others I have tried – they are a bit thicker and stronger.

They stick really well and I found the sizing almost perfect as I found one to suit each nail. The Kit Nail Strips were quick and easy to apply, but unlike other brands you do need your own nail file to remove the excess on top – not a big issue but you might want to hunt down your file before you start.

pink parade

This design in particular ended up looking like I had used a glittery polish as it is more of an all over colour than a pattern, the benefit is that they lasted a few extra days for me than regular nail colour. My only regret is that I wish I used a top coat as suggested because the glitter started wearing off before the nail strips themselves – so I think the top coat would have given them a longer lasting finish.

I am looking forward to trying some of the other designs to compare them – I like the ease of application and they have an affordable pricetag at $9.95.

Get your own set of Pink Parade Limited Edition Nail Strips from Kit Cosmetics


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