BEAUTY CHICK CHAT: Le Tan Flawless Legs

‘Long lasting leg makeup for bronzed, flawless legs.  Covering freckles, veins and imperfections Le Tan Flawless legs creates beautiful, smooth, bronzed legs for any occasion, day or night.  It washes off the next day and is transfer resistant, keeping your clothes clean and your legs beautiful.’

When I have a tan my confidence is increased and my white normally pale legs look slimmer and smoother. It isn’t always convenient to have a spray tan, and sometimes your little black dress is called upon spontaneously and you need a little extra help. I’ve been using Le Tan’s clever little spray on bronzer which is wash off makeup for your legs.

There are two shades with bronze and deep bronze (no orange!) – bronze gives a really natural finish which is good for lighter skin and deep bronze is darker for a more noticeably tanned look.

Flawless Legs

I’ve used bronzer creams and gels before for my legs but it can be really tricky not to end up blotchy. I found the The Le Tan Flawless Legs a bit easier as the formula sprays on. To apply you hold the can about 15cm from your legs and spray – you then blend it with your hands (make sure you wash these straight after) to end up with an even colour.

Le Tan recommend using this on hair-free, moisturised legs and personally using moisturiser first made a big difference to how it blended in so I wouldn’t skip this step! It doesn’t take long to dry, around a minute and then you can get dressed and show off those pins! The next day it washes off so this is a no commitment option and you don’t have to worry about it wearing off unevenly.

One of the positives about this product is the scent, it doesn’t smell bad at all – it actually smells quite nice! The product is not just for bronzing, it also helps to cover concerns like veins and uneven skin tone and leaves you with a smooth finish.

The Le Tan Flawless Legs has an RRP of $17.99 / Stockist: 1300 650 981

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