Alice and the Magic Garden

Alawar is one of the world’s leading casual game developers and their new game is a double edged Match-3 that is as addictive as it is gorgeous.

This Match -3 game has you matching coloured blocks in 3’s to open the locker and reveal fruit – which you then need to match to achieve your goals for the level. All sounds pretty simple until you add the worms, spiders and consider the fact that you can’t switch open lockers with unopened lockers.

The gameboard is full colour complete with fairies, trees and butterflies to capture the attention of even the youngest of gamers.

Match-3 really is a game of strategy, it has a very random look to it but if you treat this one randomly you are sure to get caught with unlocked lockers in the most inconvenient positions.

Alice is a servant in the castle of a king, leading an uninteresting life until the day a fairy called Luna pops in to ask for Alice’s assistance in freeing all the fairies fruit that has been locked up by an evil sorceress, in return Alice will be awarded a beautiful garden of her own that she can decorate however she pleases.

alice garden

Spiders will weave their web over your locker which will trap the fruit until you unlock the brooms with which to brush away the web. There are keys you can collect to unlock those pesky lockers that remain closed in the middle of a sea of fruit, and bug spray… ahh the joys of bug spray – be sure to use it wisely to get rid of the annoying spiders and worms.

The worms, I didn’t tell you about the wiggly worms, they will eat your fruit and you can’t make a match with an apple core or a banana peel. The worms will sneak in from the sides and you can spray them, or you can make a match behind them and the shaking of the lockers sometimes shakes them free.

Bug Spray can be really useful if you time it right! A well aimed spray can knock off multiple pests if they are in range.

Each level will see you unlock a new item for Alice’s Garden so in between levels if you would like a break from the action of matching vibrant fruits you can go shopping to beautify Alice’s garden and create a perfect little sanctuary to share with young Alice.

To assist with clearing out the gameboard and achieving the current levels goals you can also utilise the hammer and the fruit blaster. The fruit blaster is AMAZING for creating chain reactions and you can just sit back and watch as fruit matches fruit matches fruit creating chain reactions and explosions to get you through the level before you know it.

This is an eye-catching, brain-engaging match-3 game that is all about the strategy because you need to make sure that the match you make isn’t going to catch you in a trap that stops you making other matches.

This gorgeous game contains 100 levels over 5 different stages and fighting 5 bosses all as you decorate Alice’s very own fairy garden.

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