Win with Everloc

Everloc, the Australian-designed bathroom and kitchen suction accessories brand is giving you the chance to WIN a SHAVER HOLDER FOR FATHER’S DAY. 2 TO WIN!

Everloc understands Australian homes need for contemporary storage and have designed a modern range of suction accessories for the bathroom, kitchen and laundry that support up to 15kgs. Eveloc requires NO tools, NO drilling and NO screw-driving to install and will leave NO damage on surfaces, which is ideal for renters, DIYers and those keen to keep a contemporary on-trend look to their home by updating regularly. All accessories can be reinstalled, time and time again so perfect if you are on the move.


Everloc’s new dual action suction technology comprises an internal silicon ring that acts as a secondary seal by smoothing away any small surface imperfections for failsafe functionality and consistent weight bearing ability of up to 15kg!

You can win a: Solutions Shaver Holder (RRP $15.00) for Father’s Day. Made from chrome plated steel it’s the perfect solution for Dad’s shaving needs and is designed so that his shaving cream and razor will fit snugly in the allocated spaces of the holder. Alternatively, this product can also hold an electric shaver.

For more info on how to install Everloc products please refer to the instructional video at

For stockists visit:

For your chance to win tell us about a time when your dad, or the man in your life had a handyman fail.

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– Competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.
– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
– One entry per person
– Competition open to Australian residents only
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50 thoughts on “Win with Everloc

  1. My dad hung a door and it wouldn’t close or swing. Total failure on his handyman skills in that department

  2. My dad did up the bathroom new tiles a complete reno all was good until mum found out he had plumbed the new toilet in with the hot water pipe not the cold not impressed all the tiles had to come off the wall

  3. my husband wanted to surprise me by putting up the mirror in the bathroom, decided to use liquid nails and managed to get his socks stuck to the floor, the mirror kept slipping, he finally got it up, showed me when I got home and it was the wrong way around!!

  4. The story continues to be told in the family. My husband when 13 climbed into the ceiling to help his Dad install insulation bats. However, they forgot to mention that he had to walk on the rafters. Walking around he fell through the ceiling, straight through into the lounge room. Oops.

  5. My dad put up a supporting beam to hold the roof up in our dining room. The supporting beam fell down killing our goldfish 🙁

  6. tom’s mother told him that thefairy lights were dodgy and she didnt feel safe using them. tom said “no worries mum, i’ll get them going for you.” tom got up on a ladder and strung up the lights and then when he switched them on was thrown across the room by a jolt of electricity. the kids couldnt stop laughing

  7. My dad tried to fix my door and shaved off to much wood on the side and then the wind and dust would come through.

  8. He assembled a dining suite. One of the chairs is “loose” and 6 months later he still hasn’t succeeded in remedying the problem. Normally he is very gadget savvy and a great Mr. Fix It.

  9. Trying to fix the pool filter, my dad leaned over- Only to have his phone fall from his pocket into the water! We found this hilarious- but it was even better when he did the same, not once, not twice- but 3 days in a row! I’m sure Vodafone were stoked!

  10. Hubby decided to put the swing and slide set together for Xmas morning 4 hours into it, it still wasn’t finished and when the kids went to use the slide it actually fell to the side making our daughter fall off.

  11. My partners happen to do this the other day ….. he was trying to bring the wood up to keep us warm and he banged his head and ended up in hospital with stitches

  12. My father in law is so funny. One day he decided to pull the engine of his car apart, to see why it was running so well. When he put it back together, there were left over parts…lol…The car never ran very well again.

  13. When he took on a plumbing job he is not qualified for and ended up calling the professionals to get it fixed

  14. My father in law built a dog house for my dog. Poor dog couldn’t even fit in the dog house let alone get inside. His Irish and he tried his best.

  15. The Day my Hubby decided to put up a shed, had all the instructions and he said Easy Peasy , i can do this in an hour, well what a nightmare it turned out , took about 6 hours lol, , do it myself next time.

  16. Simple job was to fix the door knob on the toilet door it didn’t work I was trapped in the dunny for 2 hours until someone came home

  17. Have you heard the saying: “You don’t saw at the branch you are sitting on”? Pretty sure that one has my Mister’s name on it.

  18. Dad hung the fly-screen door back to front so that the mesh was on the outside and the metal pattern snagged anyone in a skirt (ie not Dad) who went through the door. The ladies of the house demanded he fix the door or take to mending our skirts.

  19. Every time is a handy man fail….but the most expensive one we have had is when he painted our new house to save money, but never put a sealant on first. Hence we where able to peel it off like skin after sun burn

  20. The song ‘I don’t Believe You’ by PINK springs to mind (it’s what I thought when my Dad told me the tiny dent under the back windscreen wiper he was replacing on my car had always been there).

  21. My Dad’s worst handyman fail was when he decided to re-do the entertainment decking himself…it has been years since he started working on it and it is still not finished…part of the deck has had to be permanently cordoned off!

  22. new bathroom renovation we got a great new mirror to put in it was beautiful didn’t notice at the time it had no hooks or place to hang it from so he got double sided tape and extra tape and it hung for a few weeks no problem had a few humid days and in the middle of the night smash hit the sink and floor = seven years bad luck

  23. my now ex spent hours building an Ikea bookcase and was quite proud of himself. didn’t have the heart to tell him he built it upside down

  24. The handy man, my hubby were putting an ikea wardrobe together, it collapsed into pieces once it’s been completed. :-))))

  25. My hubby is always declaring he can fix anything. Which begs the question why we have a sign on the door that says ” Please knock hard on the door, the bell doesn’t work!”

  26. He unsuccessfully installed our last shower caddy and I’ve been stepping on his razor on the floor ever since.

  27. Dad thinks he can put his hand to fixing anything. The handle on our back door broke, but Dad was on the job. After an hour of trying to fix it without success, I returned later to find the back door handle held in place by MASKING TAPE!!!.

  28. My husband was given the task of putting new curtain rods up in the living room after I had ditched our timber blinds. This went surprisingly smoothly, until he decided he would also hang the new curtains for me. He accidentally slipped off the little step ladder, came crashing down onto our coffee table and ended up in hospital to have his spleen removed. True story…. Who knew that putting up some curtains could be so dangerous!

  29. my father-in-law put a new mirror on the wall in the bathroom and forgot to put something against it while the glue dried & so it fell off the wall about 15 mins later in more pieces that it went up

  30. Wouldn’t know where to start, EVERY handyman attempt ends up being a BIG fat FAIL. He’s not HANDY at all

  31. My Dad likes to think he’s a handyman and he’s made so many stuff-ups, we kind of expect it now…but it gives us a good laugh.
    One of the most recent was a few months back….my Sister bought Mum and Dad a treadmill – a massive electronic one and when it was delivered he spent the next 6 hours putting it together….it was so big that they couldn’t keep it in the lounge room, so he went to wheel it into the spare room – it was too big to fit up the hallway and into the room, he had to pull half of it apart again to get it to its final destination.

  32. Home tree lopping, and the moron went out on a very high branch, sitting on it he sawed it off. And yes this Moron is the man that I am bound to by blood, yes I love him but geez sometimes it really makes you wonder lol

  33. That would be when my dad was sawing up all the pieces for the fence and ending up almost sawing off his hand.

  34. Buying a new outdoor setting seems easy but getting it home was the challenge. Being quite large, the setting was all in huge boxes so my hubby decided to borrow a bunnings trailer. After loading all onto the trailer and tying the ropes around, we set off. Only 2 streets down, the biggest box slips off, guess who forgot to put the trailer door up. Oh well, I guess guys have moments too. Lol

  35. My husband put a roof over our back veranda after waiting 20yrs only to find when it rains the water comes in all around between the cutting & veranda roof. 🙁 Must run in the family as my brother-in-law just put the arcatray? in there house & didn’t even realise that he did it upside down around the doors. lol

  36. My husband didn’t read the instructions for the trampoline properly. The end result was a trampoline that looked like it was doing yoga!

  37. he forgot to put the new taps and spout at the kitchen sink, when he turned the water back on and came inside he realised he was filling the kitchen with water. Yes that is his handyman fail

  38. When he insisted on putting up a dryer rack on the wall and lifted the dryer himself to put it on and it crashed right through the window

  39. Dad thinks he is Tim the Toolman but on a daily basis fails in the handyman department – just recently he flooded the house when ‘checking’ the dishwasher was draining properly.

  40. The tiles under the bath tub needed to be regrouted. To make it easier he decided to remove the bathroom door. Unfortunately he dropped the door on the wall – breaking a number of wall tiles.

  41. We got a flat pack television stand as a gift and so My hubby roped my dad into helping him assemble it. After 6 hours of arguing and neither of them actually checking the instruction manual they finished the job only for me to tell them that they actually had put the front piece on backwards! They had both had enough and never wanted to see it again! To this day, it is still on backwards!

  42. My dad claimed to be able to lay carpet. So when we moved into our new place and bought a roll, dad offered to lay it. Um… let’s just say there were big gaps at the edges, and the join was that noticeable! Thanks dad…!

  43. Just the other day he decided to change a washer on the tap, forgot to turn the mains off and got a bit wet. 🙂

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