The Road To..

Sharaya celebrated the launch of The Road To… with a gig at The Corner Hotel on May 31 and I was devastated I couldn’t be there. Just hearing the first couple of tracks on the website made me wish I could be there to rock it live.

The Road To… is high-energy solid rock. Sharaya have shared a stage with Baby Animals and Dallas Frasca and that powerful female vocal is exactly what you are going to get with Sharaya too.

Vocally strong and supremely sexy Sharaya front woman Shay Liza pulls off the throaty rock chick sound without a hitch but she also does a beautiful ballad with vocals as ethereal as the melodies.

Lyrically The Road To… is a very personal journey through Shay’s life and past experiences; the highs, the lows and all of the things that are going to reach out and touch the audience, the things that are going to allow you in because of how easily you can relate.

Musically we are taken on a journey with thumping bass, aggressive rock drums, haunting melodies, ethereal ballads and through it all Shay’s voice complements the music perfectly.


The Road To… exhibits superior production quality and depth of sound without comprising on the bands raw edginess.

The heavy drums and screaming guitars are a real energiser and they will have you moving with the music regardless of what you’re doing. Sitting at the computer typing – the knees will bop, the feet will tap, the shoulders will go and before long you will be singing along. ‘Watch out here I come, ready or not’

If you love a heady and strong female voice belting out rock lyrics, then breathing out the ballads I suggest you give Sharaya a go. They rock but they’ll touch you too.

Track Listing

1.  Addiction
2.  Ready Or Not
3.  Come Down
4.  Recovering
5.  You Don’t Make Me Smile
6.  The Truth
7.  The River
8.  Never
9.   Burn
10. You

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