Hats and Caps: How to Find the Perfect Fit for Your Face and Style

The right hat is often the missing piece to complete your look. Aside from adding a touch of personality and functionality to your outfit, a hat is also said to be a statement of confidence and an expression of individuality. 

Choosing fitting hats and caps entails taking into consideration your face shape, body type, style, occasion, and season. Whether you do something to compliment your everyday style or make a dramatic statement at a special event, finding the appropriate piece that suits you and the event you are attending is a requirement.

Face Shape

Although colour, material, and brim size are all factors that need to be considered while shopping for hats and caps, your face shape is the most important one.

After all, you want your hat to draw attention to your best qualities while concealing any flaws. 


Those who have a diamond face shape, have a wide range of hats and caps to choose from. The only thing to avoid is something that would shorten the face. If this happens, it’ll draw attention to the wrong parts of the face.

To avoid this, choose hats with a little shorter or upturned brim. An adorable felt pork pie hat completes this face shape perfectly! If you want a hat with a longer brim, try to wear it further back on your head and slant it upwards to keep your face open. 


Considered the most versatile face shape, an oval face is similar to a round face but is somewhat elongated.

As such, you can choose whatever hat you think goes well with your style, and if money permits, acquire multiple pieces so you can switch them up.


There’s a reason many people with square faces like bouncy and textured haircuts—the angles and lines of a square face are already well-defined, so you will want to avoid adding further definitions.

That said, rounded and circular hats are all great options. You can choose any kind of hat that features a round crown or has circular brims. From a well-rounded bucket hat to a broad sun hat, any of these alternatives will soften your face’s edges.


Hats with round crowns will make your face appear even rounder. That said, the rules for round faces are essentially the same as those for square faces. Instead of avoiding sharp angles and choosing smooth curves, you should do the exact opposite. The most crucial thing to remember about a round face is to avoid rounding it out further.

Hats with a low crown and a wide brim will also help to remove this illusion. Cowboy hats and fedoras are a suitable choice in this case. 


Hats with a medium-length brim are ideal for a heart-shaped face; they help create a sense of equilibrium in your face. These can be anything from a simple baseball cap to a stylish fedora. 

Huge sun hats and other larger floppy pieces are not a good match for heart-shaped faces since they might make the proportions of your head seem exaggerated.


Choose short, wide hats, such as a porkpie hat, to prevent your face from appearing longer than it actually is. Other wonderful possibilities to think about are fedoras, cowboy hats, and wide-brimmed sun hats; just make sure the crown of these alternatives is not too high.

Body Type

Additionally, you should take into account your body type and select a hat that is proportionate to your frame. If you are shorter, a hat can help elongate your body and give the impression that you are taller; however, in order to achieve this effect, you should steer clear of a wide crown and opt for a pointed pitch, which will draw attention to your short silhouette. Also think about replacing your tone-in-tone hat band with something more contrasting.

A large hat with a broad brim and a towering crown will make you appear shorter. Therefore, you should choose a hat with a shorter brim—ideally, less than 5 centimetres.

Wearing a piece with a high crown will draw attention to your height more than a medium or low crown will, if you are tall and slender. A contrasting hat band will look better with your hat because it visually separates the top from the bottom of the hat.


Choosing a hat just because it’s popular is a mistake you should avoid. Choose a hat that represents you. If you’re minimalistic, choose statement hats with timeless designs made from fine materials and fascinating textures to achieve a crisp lover every time.

But if you’re a fashionista who is not afraid of trying new combinations, feel free to explore and experiment with different options.


A baseball cap, for example, might not be appropriate for a wedding or a job interview; similarly, a more formal fedora might look out of place at a sporting event. Hats are not just for special occasions; you can wear them anytime, anywhere, as long as they match your outfit and the occasion.

One of the easiest ways to ensure the hat fits the occasion is through your outfit style. If you’re wearing a dressy outfit, a dressy hat will be the best match. For a jeans and t-shirt combination, choose a more casual hat. 


The kind of hat to choose will also depend on the season. Spring and summer call for hats in light and fresh hues like white and nougat but you can also make it exciting and vibrant with seasonal pinks and blues.

A hat with a wide brim will provide additional protection from the sun’s harmful rays. 

Summer outfits are also made from lighter fabrics such as cotton and linen, so hats in lightweight materials like fine cotton canvas and Rafia would be the perfect fit. 

When the temperature drops in the fall and winter, you’ll want a hat to keep you warm and cosy in style. Beanies in 100% cashmere are incredibly soft and lightweight, making them ideal for winter nights out with friends.

Beanies are available in a variety of hues and can be worn up with an overcoat and boots or down with your matching knit set. 

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