What do you need to know about the coloured contact lenses trend?

Traditional framed glasses don’t suit every lifestyle. 

Whether you spend a lot of time taking part in outdoor activities or feel more confident without wearing glasses, it’s easy to see why contact lenses can be more convenient.

However, the contact lens market has developed into more than a means to improve eyesight. They’re an easy and popular way to change how you look almost instantly, especially if you choose a colour that enhances your look. 

There’s an art and a science to making contact lenses work for you. In this article, we’ll explain the rising popularity of coloured lenses and how choosing the right pair could define your next style.

Why are coloured contact lenses gaining popularity?

Contact lenses in both natural and unexpected colours are extremely popular. 

Those who choose coloured contact lenses might just be looking for a temporary change. Equally, some users want to make a dramatic fashion statement or feel influenced by a cultural trend. 

Browsing data is one way to identify these trends, but it’s also clear on social media too. Over 400 million accounts have viewed videos related to coloured contacts on TikTok, with many users demonstrating how to apply, remove, and style coloured lenses. 

How to enhance your natural eye colour with contact lenses

Unsurprisingly, contact lenses are available in all the standard colours you’d expect to see occurring naturally in people’s eyes. When chosen carefully, coloured contact lenses can intensify and draw more attention to your natural eye colour, elevating the shade to a noticeable level. 

However, it’s crucial to know how to do this without running the risk of making your eyes look too ‘fake’ or unnatural. When choosing coloured contacts, you should:

– Choose a colour that complements but doesn’t overpower your natural eye colour

– Go for lighter colours if you have brown or dark hazel eyes

– Create contrast with vibrant shades like orange if you have blue or green hazel eyes

Experimenting with bold and transformative looks

Contact lenses also leave room for experimenting with bold and unexpected tones. Whether for Halloween parties, fashion shoots or other special occasions, bright colours like purple, green, and red truly stand out.

It’s also possible to buy contact lenses with either opaque or translucent shades over your iris. This means contact wearers can either enhance the natural patterns on their iris or replace them with an alluring pattern on the outside of the lens.


Contact lenses are suitable for almost everyone, but the NHS usually recommends a softer type of lens for young children, who might find it more difficult to remove and insert their contacts.

No matter your reason for wearing coloured contact lenses, it’s crucial to wear them safely.  

Make sure you never keep contact lenses in your eye for any longer than specified by the manufacturer. And if you experience any pain or discomfort while wearing lenses, make sure to contact an optician as soon as possible.

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